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  1. This question needs to be asked of those that voted leave on that point. I didn’t!
  2. What do those have to do with the leave party? They were put up by Farage.
  3. The referendum losers are the ones that continue with their SCREED. The politicians dare not risk getting the same result as the last referendum.
  4. The referendum losers continue with their screed. There will not be another referendum, they couldn’t risk getting the same result as the last one.
  5. I think this is the one I should have shared.
  6. There’s a way to clone your hard drive to the new SSD drive. Once fitted apparently you can log in using the same password. My son did it recently.
  7. Anyone heard the rumour about the gunpowder plot involving the referendum losers. No prizes for guessing the day. 😂😂😂😂
  8. There’s the Thornberry animal sanctuary. No head person on £200,000 plus per year. The address: The Stables Todwick Rd North Anston S25 3SE
  9. One thing is clear the leave voters hadn’t changed their minds. Contrary to the belief of the remain losers.
  10. Mr Pettytom, I have no issues with the police lawfully going about their business. I can’t imagine what would give you that idea.
  11. It’s plain to see the police have turned up with no intention of hearing the guy’s side of the story.
  12. Harassed, assaulted, unlawfully detained. Arrested, held in police custody suite. Later released with no charges. All for undertaking a lawful activity. Check how many police attend the scene.
  13. Trying to do his job. He’s only taken the complainant’s word. He hadn’t looked at any evidence, just decided the guy is guilty.
  14. Here you are Halibut. A chap doing a lawful activity being harassed by the police. This is the most timid one I’ve seen. Recently this photographer was surrounded by police, arrested as a terrorist. Before the arrest assaulted and unlawfully imprisoned. Detained at a police station for a few hours before being released without charge. He is currently suing the police. This is one of hundreds on YouTube.
  15. Here’s an example of police wasting time. No examination of evidence, but expects the claimants compliant to be upheld.
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