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  1. I like Spoofermans comment at the top of this page as his response to the closure of the police station that started this thread. " Who cars, close them all down " Pity the 'e' is so close to the 'r' on the keyboard, it could be a simple typo or just normal !!!
  2. The bit I found amusing was when PC Bullivant came and checked the CCTV and referred to him as the Peter Andre look a like. !!!!
  3. Stolen 60 plate VW Golf pursued and driver had to go into middle of Pipworth fields to try and get away, failed miserably ,helicopter filming all from above, vehicle dumped, two 'customers' sat in cells at Moss Way. Not like they havent seen the inside of Moss Way before I bet.
  4. Well as we head towards the annual School prom nights, does anyone know if there are any local companies that hire out quality sports / executive motors to drive my son to their school prom night in June ?? Read a few websites and there are all sorts of daft deposits / price per mile etc. Basically Im looking at trying to sort out a decent quality motor to drive my son and his mate to the school prom on something like a 2 day hire with insurance Not wanting to go down the stretch limo route, fancy something a little different. Anyone any ideas or reasonable suggestions ?
  5. Interestingly the gypsy have been identified as an ethnic minority due to them having an aversity to living in bricks and mortar which is why the councils have to set them land aside to put sites on. Go and have a look at a village called Moss just outside Askern towards Fishlake and see how much aversion some of them have to living in bricks and mortar. Moss didnt really exist as a village but it does now. There are some beautiful 4 / 5 bedroomed detached houses all CCTVd up and some of them still have the expensive caravans in the back garden. Most of them are also strangely all up for sale at the same time. There is a current national epidemic of people getting ripped off for thousands and thousands of pounds when they buy used quality expensive vehicles on the internet and through the Auto Trader and other similar type websites where the cloned vehicles from the national problem of car key burglary is occurring. These vehicles are being sold with stolen defective V5 log books that are being altered to read as if the vehicle is correct and legit. These vehicles whilst in the main at silly under book values are being sold to people who should really look at it and say this is too good to be true and walk away from the deal, they arent as human greed is a dangerous creature. The majority of these people selling the vehicles are gypsies / travellers. If you travel further afield towards Kirkhouse Green past Moss there is the Waterside Residential Park which used to be known as the Hacienda. This is a well presented site that Doncaster council dont even know who are living on there and dont attempt to find out as it is too much hassle to do so with a view to attempting to recover any council tax monies Ask the residents on the Hyde Park estate at Doncaster when they had running gun battles in the street as two gypsy families failed to get an illegal bare knuckle fight running in the street due to earlier successful presence of the police on the estate on the last Bank Holiday weekend. Why Sheffield Council have taken the logic to knock down Tinsley Park Road site and at the same time close the Halfway site for development is beyond me. When they last time decided to sort out a dispute at the Halfway site, they all turned up with guns and then to prove a point set a good precentage of the caravans on there on fire. If a group of people decide to use an ethnic category to push their rights to have certain things done for them, then fine, but they then should be expected to pay into the same pot via taxes etc as everyone else. The NHS is expected to patch these people up when they decide to have bare knuckle fights in the street, shoot at each other and burn each others caravans down. The DWP then also takes a hit when there are claims made tor varying work seeking related benefits and then to cap it all, on reaching pensionable age, pensions are claimed. How can medical services, fire, emergency services, dustbin collection and then a state pension be provided to a group of people who dont think they have to pay in but can claim everything out .!! Rant nearly over, but if a car for sale on the internet looks too good to be true at the price it is on at, thats because it probabaly is and stay well clear. !!!!!!
  6. Thank you so far forummers and I am having a look at the suggestions made, I knew of Quinns but I didnt think of Endsleigh and I hadnt heard of Adrian Flux so Im checking them also. I knew about the fronting issue as my own insurers wouldnt touch a 17yr old but did warn me when I asked about the fronting issue. Interesting having not posted on here for a while as to how a quick question can still open up some long scale debate and opinion. Thank you for all the suggestions and I shall watch the thread with interest.
  7. The idea of a recovery truck being use to lift the vehicle is becoming popular and something they do to give it a bit of legitimacy is put another plate straight onto the back of the rear reg plate for another identical vehicle. The Fiat 500 new model is not a vehicle that would be suspected to be trackered so would probably have gone straight into a breakers situation, so the e-bay lead may be the best bet. A lot of the various vehicles either lifted off the side of the road or taken with keys in a burglary end up broken up on shelves in premises or on auto trader cloned to identical vehicles with a hooky v5 reg document.
  8. Our daughter has stated to learn to drive and is having lessons with a driving school. She now has the chance of a cheap car and needs to get some quotes. Done all the Go compare, money supermarket stuff and found a variety of prices. Anyone out in forum land already been here and found a good company. ??
  9. In addition to the kid from Wales getting locked up the other week with 3 at his address, spoke to a bloke from Mastin Moor yeserday who tracked his 90 down to an address in the Killamarsh area. They had changed the reg plates and the wheels to try and hide its true ID. Unfortunately it was an ex-military renovation job so would have stood out a mile with all its identifiable stuff. Two more locked up for that one so thats two more the police now know about and can start to build picture of the stolen landy patterns. E-Bay is where a lot of all the bits are going out through apparently
  10. This is happening all over the country and is big business. I couldnt believe it when the Real Hustle showed it on one episode. The vehicles are usually expensive, quality motors and either finished up rung and outed via some internet based website, boxed up and exported out of the country or just chopped up into saleable spare parts. There has to be a lot said for the tracker type systems avaliable in the industry which enable the vehicles to be retrieved quicker before they can be moved on.
  11. Try the company that run the trips down the canal from the canal basin. We used them last March to finish off a full weekend to celebrate my in-laws Golden Wedding. And as we headed off down the canal towards Attercliffe, the companys brand new boat that was coming up to the canal basin for a fit out passed us coming the other way. The new boat looks great and they can cater for all sorts of events and include music, jazz groups or I would imagine as the new boat is so big, perhaps discos. The company are based in the shop in one of the arches under the Hilton hotel in the Canal Basin. Call down and have a look and see what they can offer.
  12. The photo you have is of the old pit head winding gear that was positioned at the end of Hollin Busk as you join the top of Carr Road before you head out over Waldershelf towards Bolsterstone village. Unfortunately it has all long gone and in its place is the remains of the garden centre that is also unfortunately now no more. We used to play on the land as kids as it was a good scramble track to ride your bikes over, the pit head part being all sealed off.
  13. God Bless Tony and all the best to his good lady wife Tish as she tries to carry on with her life.
  14. I was actually talking about the comment made by Rich about the obscene salaries that the bobbies are paid nothing to do with watching a PCSO at a football match. It was simply compared to what I think is an obscene salary, which many of the professional football community seem to be raking in at the top end of the leagues.
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