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  1. There is something wrong with that crossing. It is very confusing. Where the traffic filters on to one side of the road behind the tram gates people don’t realise which direction the traffic is coming from and step out in front of traffic coming from the barracks direction because they assume it is two lanes of traffic all coming from the Middlewood Rd direction rather than traffic flowing in opposite directions so they step out thinking the road is clear. Yes it would be sensible to wait for the green man, but people don’t. And that crossing is dangerous because there is a death or serious injury there every few months. In comparison to other crossings without the traffic filters that is a hell of a lot. So yes, that crossing is dangerous. ---------- Post added 16-06-2018 at 15:49 ---------- Was he elderly? It frequently does seem to be elderly people who are hit there as the crossing confuses them.
  2. If they’re also adding a few extra shops and parking I am in favour. As long as we get something back like! Wish they would put some flats in the barracks though, liven the shops up down there and get a bit more custom in. It could be really nice there if they smartened it up a bit.
  3. I saw this and I thought it meant flats above the Hillsborough barracks. That would be a good idea and that shopping centre needs it, it’s desperate for footfall. Not sure it’s a good idea at the exchange.
  4. Yeah, but your boss not regularly emailing you to tell you how to think and vote is a bit more sinister than isolated issues.
  5. Worked at and attended both. Sheffield Uni is the best academically but has really fallen down the ranks and has problems at the moment. It has a Vice-Chancellor who draws a humongous salary and has fabulous conditions but it presiding over staff with increasingly poor conditions like fixed term contracts and less than stellar wages. Yet apparently he still feels he has the right to regularly email all his staff lecturing them on the issues of the day and telling them how to vote in elections and referenda. It got a poor rating in the teaching awards and IMO a lot of lecturers view themselves as researchers first, for whom students are an inconvenience to be avoided when possible. It’s administratively dreadful and impossible to get anything done. Hallam on the other hand is not as good academically. There are a lot of less academic students so learning progressing it bit more slowly and can be side tracked plus it tends not to fly off into the heights of intellectualism (which is sometimes a good thing). But the teaching is good and most of the teaching staff (and other staff) see students as the centre of the Uni and genuinely care about their well being and achievements. It’s administratively well run. Sheffield tends to have wealthier, cooler students who are also much <removed> and less friendly. Hallam’s students are less well off and cool, but much warmer and approachable. Plus you are less likely to be politically bullied or pressured at Hallam or pushed into conforming with a dominant political agenda in the student body which you will be at Sheffield, by staff as well as students. I far prefer Hallam as you might have guessed. ---------- Post added 26-04-2018 at 08:26 ---------- Oh, and the Chinese students are incredible. Hard working, friendly, polite. Might take them some time to settle in, but they get there and do wonders for our economy whilst integrating without many problems. ---------- Post added 26-04-2018 at 08:28 ---------- Oh, and the Vice Chancellor screws over his poorest paid staff while he gets a massive salary but is a proud lefty. Says it all really.
  6. 90% of the litter around here is caused by those ridiculous paper recycling boxes with no lid so the paper blows all over the street.
  7. It’s still there awaiting recovery so def City Rd now. Poor little lost unloved ambulance. I might adopt it. ---------- Post added 22-04-2018 at 09:46 ---------- Just incase anybody is interested, it was finally ticketed and then immediately moved. It was obviously a privately owned ambulance thinking they’d get away with it because the wardens wouldn’t ticket an ambulance.
  8. That's a stupid answer, I've had the same experience with one parked on Blackstock Road for over four hours, they were only to pleased that someone had took the trouble to report it. Sure you did. Never heard of anyone losing an ambulance before.
  9. Because they have more important things to do? Turns out it’s a private ambulance awaiting recovery. Don’t understand why it’s not been ticketed.
  10. I can’t think of any other reason. It’s been there before the weekend, so surely it would have been picked up by now if it was broken down? The ‘resource’ has been sat there doing nowt for nearly a week.
  11. It’s on one of the bends towards the bottom just before Ripley Street. Been there since before the weekend and it doesn’t look decommissioned. I assume the drivers don’t take them home and park them outside their gaff all week. I wondered if it was a traffic calming measure as it’s forcing all the traffic coming downhill to slow down as it goes to near enough one lane. Just wondered if anyone knew that was a thing that happened...
  12. What’s the link for Sheffield Online? Can’t get it from google.
  13. I saw him once in Paris donkeys years ago. Didn’t approach him as he had his son with him and I don’t think it’s fair to interrupt kids time with their parents just because they’re famous. He had a baguette and a bottle of wine and his son was in a vintage pram. Met him once in London at the Astoria where I checked his coat in, nice guy to chat to. My Dad worked for the London Institute which St Martins is part of and remembers him as a well liked student. Funnily enough I’ve never met him in Sheffield or met anybody who has, which is weird seeing as we’re both from here.
  14. Fairly sure I know her and her Dad is Indian from a Hindu family.
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