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  1. Been along to it it's fab highly recommend to all
  2. Tesco have it try it melted on toast with marmite with marmite flavoured crisps crumbled on top
  3. Take it we weren't the only ones to leave at the interval . Of all the productions I have seen at Sheffield theatres this one is the worst . Find it quite disturbing actually , this is just my opinion
  4. Hi we would love to relieve you of your soft toys for ray of hope for our fundraising We are a charity for children with additional needs mainly autism asd and ADHD .pm me if you could help us to arrange collection or phone me on number on strap line please
  5. You could always drop them off with a friend who runs a charity and a have a coffee and a catch up
  6. I had it this year lasted about three months looked like I had a stroke I had to stick my eye shut with micropore at night .
  7. No the new rule of 24 hours is applicable to couples .
  8. Does anyone know what time craftastic at hillsborough opens on a saturday pleasev
  9. The screen isn't actually using any power whilst there is a picture on it, apparently it only uses power when it changes the screen. If you want to get rid of the picture slide the spring loaded power switch to the on position for 7 seconds then release it and the screen should go blank.
  10. Some anti-moggy ideas on this website If you have an outside tap / hosepipe then I'd get one of these: Passive infra red anti-cat jet spray
  11. Hi Rachael, Please accept my apologies for not replying sooner, I am pleased to inform you that I have just verified your address and you should be able to access the website now. We used to have an automatic verification system but the site was targeted by spammers therefore we've reverted to a manual system. (Just to give you an idea of the problem 6 out of the last 150 requests are genuine whilst the other 144 were Russian spam bots.) I'm afraid the website has been on the back burner for a while as we have been so busy, as well as having our usual coffee mornings with guest speakers we've also recently taken the kids paint balling and this weekend we're fund raising on Saturday and going to the Waddington airshow on Sunday so it's all rather hectic. I'd be delighted to talk to you about the Ray of Hope, please feel free to give me a ring anytime on the telephone numbers Aldam2 has already posted. Jayne Raynor. Project manager.
  12. t Following on from this logic then I take it there are no schools in the more affulent areas of the city who have children with additional needs then ? and all children with ASD come from socio deprived areas ? Well said Mrseggy
  13. Pupils have to pay the standard child fare of 50p per journey on all buses even the dedicated school buses .
  14. There is a big blaze on Parkwood Springs, looks like the Ski Village is ablaze. Fire service are in attendence.
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