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  1. Hi, I'm looking for birthday party idea's for my Son's birthday in June. He will be 5 and looking for something rather than a soft play area as they always seem far too rushed. had his at the Butterfly House last year which was great but looking for something last year. Have looked at Hillsborough Leisure Centre or the Ski Village? Has any one used them are they good? Thanks in Advance Folks x
  2. My Son starts Parson Cross Primary in September and I was wondering whether any one knows if there are any breakfast clubs / After School Clubs running in our area? Not sure if we will need it at the minute but it will be handy to know just in case we do Thanks
  3. We got our kitchen from Wickes a few years back. They where very good with us. Talked us through the differences between the kitchens we where looking at and did us some plans on their computer although when we first went in we where only enquiring they did not push us into buying there and then. Eventually we did go with them and the kitchen arrived on the date we where given with no messing around. I would def use them again when I need a new kitchen.
  4. I am currently on maternity leave and due to go back to work in a few months but am thinking I need a change. My oldest goes to school this year & really need a job that I can work around him finishing school or allowing me to get him to school in the morning without having to put him in after school clubs etc. It needs to be full time really as I can nto really afford to go part time. Any Suggestions would be grateful, I am currently an office manager.
  5. I'm looking to get some laminate flooring or wooden flooring to go in my living room, play room & hall way. Does anyone know where the best places are to get some, or if anyone has any good deals on at the minute?
  6. We are in the middle of moving house but the hosue we are moving to is not very child friendly. We want to pull out all the shrubs and trees that are in it and put a play area in for the kids where we can put a slide, swing etc. We do not want grass as under the swing area it can get worn away. We have thought of either play bark or pea shingle but if anyone has any further suggestions that would be great. Thanks
  7. Hi, I need help in looking for a venue for my Husband's 30th Birthday. We are looking around the Hillsborough area but seem to be struggling in finding any that are free & also let you supply your own Buffett. Any suggestions would be grateful?
  8. I'm looking for a team sport to take part in to help me get fit & also to make new friends. NOt looking for anything too serious just a bit of fun. Have played both football & netball but not for some time now. If anyone knows anywhere please let me know.
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