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  1. where in walkley..my friends garage was broken into at 5 am this morning carr road..they heard the scroats and saw them off....
  2. which prison is he in..?:hihi::hihi:
  3. name rings a bell i'm 42 also and come from hillsbourgh area..which schools did he attend...?
  4. That's a minor misdemeanor on Shiregreen isn't it..?lt's about time the residents got a bit more observant as to what's going on up there....last week my friend caught 2 individuals watching match of the day supping tins from her fridge in her front room when she came back from a night out....She asked them to leave as not to warrent any further implications and their response was that they were Bored and knew where the key was hidden...Police were informed but because the individuals were known to my friend they were released with no questions asked...... Maybe they were midnight car valeters looking for a bit of business...:rant:
  5. what pot..?the rabbit pot...:P:P:P:P:P:P:P
  6. guns n roses metallica the doors nirvana the who
  7. wonder whats going off at the football pitches on black lane at loxley..Looks like they're blowing up a large dome type thingy me jig...:hihi:
  8. pour diesel around the perimiter of your garden..rabitts have the smell of it..this will work 100 % ..let me know how you get on
  9. what is a west island terrier is it one of those white terriers...?
  10. which is what i did...answered your qoute with my comment..:P:P
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