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  1. I have had a group 2 and a group 3 in both cases the said milage distance drops off and some timesashlanfs.you cannot get down fenc you struggle to get across to Aughton and back. There are only two ways out of the village via Brighton to Crystal Peaks a path to Rotherham he had a group 3 and the scooter have up on him going up Guilthwaite hill. To get to Woodhouse Mill you havev to go on the new path through Woodhouse Mill washlands. You cannot get down fence hill due to the width of pavement past terrace houses.Also you cannot cross safely to the other side. To go towards Todwick a chap got stopped by the police for going on the road without a yellow flashing light on a pole. So much for group 4 allowed to go on the toad Except for door 2foot most of the taxis take group 2 only. Disabled and older people have a group in Rotherham In your area
  2. Does anyone remember in the 60's someone catching shoes disease through fishing in CVL
  3. I went to try and get on to Northern Radio when it was at Nether Edge but the first time I went I had to go and collect the requests all they wanted was the old rugged cross. Never went again.
  4. Does anyone remember Linda Green who was at Silver Blades and the Heartbeat and later had a daughter Clare.Anyone have any contact?
  5. Does anyone remember Linda Green who was at Silver Blades and the Heartbeat and later had a daughter Clare.Anyone have any contact?
  6. I know that it may be simple for younger people but I am 71. What or where is the best book or place to find out how to set up to do vlog.?
  7. Northern General are For the family in Sheffield of David Belk who died age 71. If it helps I knew a lad by the same name who lived in Addy street in the first yard above the Scarborough. Looking for family. He did not live in Sheffield now.
  8. On the look out to upgrade my group 3 mobility scooter. Ideal if my used one could be part exchanged. I use to deal with First mobility but now the owner has sadly passed away. I am looking now for one that has good prices and maintanence.
  9. I was dj at a private Ruby wedding party opposite College club. The night started quite then the gentleman whose Ruby wedding it was walking into the dance floor walking slowly with two sticks.? I put on Willey Bully when he threw the walking sticks aside and went at it like a youngster as though someone had risen from the dead. When working at a nightclub doing a private party 18th birthday on Halloween. The manager who was leaving not long after decided to go round Sheffield with 2 barmen to promote the night in the main disco. That morning they borrowed a coffin fro the S & E. They took it in turns who paid in the coffin as they went around. By lunch time they decided to go into the old courtyard at the back of the stonehouse on church street. They had only just sat down when the batman came up and asked them to leave as the coffin was up setting the customers. By the night to go back to the club they had visited the Black Swan and collected an array of people. Just before they were going to parade through the club from the party suite the manager asked one of two in bunny girl outfits to get on the dance floor (magnificent Melvyn). After a sort while he was asked to get off the dance floor. To which he pushes another on Kathy (who was. Stripper). After dancing for a short while she took the top off her bunny girl outfit and dropped backwards into two guys laps, Who did not know we're to put there hands. All hell was let loose led by the young woman who birthday it was.
  10. Catherine Idell married name goes under Katie Rhodes
  11. I left school in 1967 and you could have a number of jobs you could apply for I started in September as a cost clerk for J F Finnegan. On Ecclesall Road the office was in large wooden hut that was connected to the main building. It was cold in the winter because it only had night storage heaters. In 1969 I went to Sheffield Twist drill and steel co ltd. Which my father was working as a machine center less grinder as a trainee work study engineer until 1978. I then have went to work as a full fledge work study engineer at Rothervale joinery at Woodhouse Mill in Sheffield.
  12. Think there may be sites at ollerton and between Eckington on the Marsh lane rd. Think they are both residential sites.
  13. Ecclesfield red rose kids and adults play at various levels. Do they rent out anything at Ecclesfield school at the top of the hi On the Chapletown to Ecclesfield rd
  14. Did you watch last night's match against Rotherham while ever we play like that andlay the same keeper we are looking at going down already.
  15. I was dj at Silver Blades the night it went up you could say it was a little warm. The ice started melting and every one who had cars on the car park could only drive them out of the front area.
  16. I know the guy was wrong but what a fuss from the motorists. But nothing is said when they completely block the pavement
  17. Does anyone around Aston cum Aughton sell chestnuts please?
  18. My mother worked in the office straight from school would make it about 1943 ish
  19. They came through Swallownest about 10 with the coffin on a tractor unit followed by about 20 cars as they hung out of the window blowing car horns.
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