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  1. Hi Folks Sheffield Transport CC , based at Meadowhead , Sheffield are looking for new players to join our expanding club , we can offer cricket to all ages and standards so whether you want to come back to the game after being away or want to give it a go for the first time we would like to hear from you. Juniors and Ladies are most welcome. Please contact us via the following. Email to stcc@live.co.uk , or via facebook - Sheffield Transport Cricket Club.
  2. Forgot to add , the club is at Meadowhead , by the big roundabout
  3. Car Boot at Sheffield Transport Sports Club on Bank Holiday Monday , 6th May 2013 Sellers - Cars £8 , Vans £12. Pay on the day at the gate. Arrive 0600-0700 Buyers. Cars £1 to park. From 0700 please.
  4. Perhaps they should look out of the window. I'd guess they are wrong
  5. Hi Sheffield Transport Cricket Club , based at Meadowhead , Sheffield , are seeking new players for the 2013 season. We welcome players of all age/sex/ability. Ladies especially wanted as we are one of the few teams in the area who run a full ladies team. We are currently assessing the possibility of running a second team on Saturdays and would need a couple more players who can commit to this. Nets will be starting in January although there is the possibility of a few sessions before Xmas. If you are interested please email stcc@live.co.uk with details and we will get back to you. Regards Mark
  6. The police dont earn money from speeding tickets
  7. Sorry folks , I'm at work until midnight
  8. And only idiots and rich people vote Tory as thats the party of the moneybags set, Lib Dems are an irrelevance as are UKIP/BNP et al. At least the Labour Party tries to be on the side of the working class.
  9. If you have to write down your code of ethics you have already lost.
  10. Rottweiller found at Arbourthorne Tram Stop https://twitter.com/#!/ManorArbourPCSO/status/176686630386679809/photo/1
  11. Hated her for the destruction of working class communities , her indifference to the suffering it caused , the promotion of the greed is good mentality , allowing council house stock to be sold without building new ones. Admired her for the Falklands where she did the right thing.
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