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  1. you may find a apprenticeship but whether you get it funded is a different story..... its hard graft not just college but the nvq's in your own time..... i wouldnt do it all again...... but the bigger companys that are going to be secure for a future worth counting on you need the qualification's, my advice and ive seen it happen alot before is find a laborers job show your hardworking and then work your way up from the very bottom, but its no drive thru job that you can walk into
  2. Im a fully qualified mechanical engineer with an advanced diploma and 7 years experience WITH CNC experience (in a college environment) and even i cant get a job in CNC! It is a very skilled job and firms will only want the best they can get, one slight slip of the machine could cost that company THOUSANDS!! Youll also find the qualifications you need to walk into that job will cost 3-4K and then you dont have experience, apprenticeships are there for a reason and if thats the rout you want to go then and apprenticeship will most likely be your best bet
  3. id go for a seat leon mk2 the facelift version (current) was jazzed up by audi getting multilink suspension all round, the electronic systems from the current a3, id personally go for the 1.6tdi E-ecomotive which my mrs has it does a honest 60mpg in sheffield roads, and comes better equipped than the golf/a3 for same price, i have the cupra-r but for business use it would cripple you and its over budget, im not saying there the best on earth but definatly worth a good look at to see if it suits your needs, and the eco comes in at 17k,
  4. there is your problem indeed but i would go for the stripping of the head over replacing the engine, once youve stripped your head you know where you stand and you know its right when its been rebuilt, a replacement engine might have this problem in the future as you dont know the history of an engine and you might end up sorting that one in the future. if you or competant or know some who is youll save some money but you could be looking at 300+ in a garage.
  5. i only use genuine oils as im one of the few that sticks to main dealers, taking the leon to skeggy tonight so will see its true mpg on a run.... if i can survive its unforgiving ride and road noise.
  6. yeah ive heard about them diesel particulate filters, its been cracked now they have issues with PD engines but vag group have switched to common rail engines now to solve the issue and it seems to have good effect, but i dont envy anyone who has to replace one, morrisons diesel seems to be the biggest killer of them, due to lack of anti foam additive in them, im going to give it 3 years before i goto diesel see how the common rails pan out with the dpf, if the petrol engine doesnt bankrupt me first. i believe its esso oil that vag group recommend as thats what logo's on my oil cap, the manual is so full of garbage ive only read bits on cruise control, and the xds system etc..
  7. now not that i want to argue with anyone, i personally liked it, but i feel it would of made less of an issue if it was aired on bbc 3 as it would of had a more appropriate audience. to me the issue is not what was aired it was how it was aired, now because it went straight into the mainstream channel and our PC lifestyles it most likerly wont survive season 1
  8. yes i do follow but its 30mins of tv you cant like everything, tv licensing finances alot of media but they cant please everyone, and if your a avid bbc user then you should simply watch another program that "your financing" you get my drift?
  9. people only start a thread when something bothers them, the people who did like it watched it, had a cup of tea with a cucumber sandwich AND GOT ON WITH THERE LIFES. jesus its a tv show ..... it if bothers you .... heres an idea "turn the channel over" ....
  10. yeah the seat site is rather useless, it is the 265ps version my son destroyed the brochure, and the manual has every bit of information bar mpg in tech specs, but ive found out that 34.9 is the correct figure, so its actually doing quite well, i could get 38-40 mpg out of my old 20v turbo cupra all day long if driven liberal. i actually contemplated getting a ecomotive diesel for a while but there abit slow and not really that "eco" but got offered a pre registered cupra with 85miles on clock for a little over 22k so took that
  11. ive done what a couple have said ive rang a different seat dealer who confirms 10k is correct but no longer than 12 months, its the petrol 2.0 tsi cupra that ive got, finally giving approx 35-38mpg if driven like a green peace rep, dont think ill keep it that long maybe 1-2years depending on what the new leon next year is like
  12. it more out of curiosity, all services are free for first 3 years (they offered me little things like that to stop me going next door and buying a golf gti instead) just a couple of mates have said there will be bits of metal in my oil with it been new and they think 1k rather than 10k for first oil change
  13. hi there, just a quick question, i have always had used cars until the one ive had just a few week, i had just got a seat leon brand new fitted with a turbo engine and i got told to bring it back at 10k for its first service but everyone who ive talked to says 10k is alot for a brand new engine to wait for its first oil change. is this correct or do i need to be pushing my dealer for a quicker service FACTS: car only has 480 miles on clock first 3 years worth of servicing is included with the car (are they avoiding one to save costs) also im lucky to get 30mpg atm which is heavy on the pocket
  14. Admin please close this thread : The question has been answered by alot of helpful forum users but has now become a battle ground which was never intended. Thanks for advise from the people who have contributed to my thread think we can all agree enough is enough .....
  15. and prior to the sale i had checked the oil myself and the coolant res and under the oil cap, all levels were fine and no milky substance anywhere (typical head gasket symptom)
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