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  1. No, But I'm already enrolled to do my A levels this september
  2. Was a documentary actually if I remember correctly, do you have any comments of real contribution to provide, or are you a little bored looking to stir trouble?
  3. Some people seem to believe that pornography is only used by single men who cannot get girlfriends, they indeed are the naive ones. Many couples enjoy watching pornography together and doing so can be a positive thing for a relationship, I belive some relationship therapists even suggest it to couples experiencing certain difficulties. Pornography may be fake, but it can do good as well as bad and aslong as the actors and actresses are concenting, I don't have any objection to it.
  4. Tonight, while I was in the pub, I heard a comment which raised the question in my mind, Should SF represent a democracy? I assume most would like to think that if they wanted to, they could express their views and opinions, whatever they were aslong as done so in a mature manner. I hope he doesn't mind me posting this, but tonight in the pub, I couldn't help but smirk at the comment "some people belive the forum is a democracy.. haha". Made by Kristian, seemingly aimed at myself, but of course I may be wrong. I am intregued to whether that is the view of the other moderators, or just this one in question if I may ask. Sheffield forum is the largest online representitive of Sheffield's residents and so in my opinion should try and remain as open minded and unbaised as possible, allowing people to express their views and opinions without fear or intimidation. The left wing should recieve the same rights as the right when it comes to debating here on Sheffield Forum and vice versa. I'm not saying that certain groups should recieve special treatment, that is what I am arguing against, I just believe the 2 groups should have the same rules. I for one, would rather feel I could argue my case without recieving childish comments, put downs, maybe having posts removed because some people don't agree with it and can't take a tough argument. I may be alone, but at the moment I feel that isnt the case. Do you feel Sheffield Forum represents a democracy and if not, would you like it to?
  5. I have to agree that I didn't see the point in pointing out her proffession, but regardless of that, I've never had much respect for activists of this type and I don't imagine I ever will.
  6. Usually isnt too loud in the swim inn Rich mate, but not sure who's up for going there, probably the weekend after next now.
  7. Safe travels, probably see you sunday
  8. Will have to invite you around for tea sometime
  9. OK, got 2 chicken breasts out to defrost for tea. I'm thinking, we have some spicy potato chunks, so I might add that to the thicken and probably cut out the stuffing mixture.
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