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  1. Re: Park Patrol Oh yes I remember the lot of them. Used to live across from their workshops at Crookes. All those beautiful Triumph Bonnevilles/Tigers growling away. MMMM NICE!! Caz
  2. Wow yes I remember Pippys well. Bought my smelly afghan from there £50 in 1982. Ive still got it ha ha! Cant bring myself to get rid at all. The shop had a beautiful stink of incense. A better place was "Bringing it all back home" on Glossop Road. Really cool shop!!! Caz
  3. Used to live at Crookes before the students ruined it!!!!!!!!!
  4. Timo and Tara, my other half is 48 and went to Hinde Hse - Martin Brown. You may remember him. Ey up Clarkie - hows it going? Caz
  5. I was at King Edward VII school between 1977 and 1981. Caz
  6. Must be Westways Middle School: Redmires (Red), Ladybower (Blue), Derwent (Green), Strines (Yellow). I was there in the 70s. Then King Edward VII - dont think we had houses there Caz
  7. Hi Gary 30th June The White Lion at Heeley. Hope to see you at one of the gigs Caz & Martin
  8. Hey up Gary, havent seen you in ages. martin read your reply and says "Hi" . He says many people he has spoken to in the club circuit recently still go on about the band. Cliff Matthews has retired from his entertainment agency and his son is running it (Karl). Martin gigging at Firth Park WMC on 20th May if you fancy a night out (Smokestack). And also at Mailcoach in Rotherham on 18th May. Nice to hear from you. Caz
  9. Re: Wolf J Flywheel My husband played bass with them for a while - Martin Brown. Caz
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