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  1. Im sorry I have no idea, Ive never met them. Deanna knew my mum many years ago before I was born I think, If you could ask her if she knew Sheila & John from Crookes/Walkley I would appreciate it. :-) Im not 100% sure but the surname Lawrence comes in my head?? Might be totally wrong tho on that too??
  2. Totally lost so this is my last resort....received a xmas card from Deanna & Dave at my Dad's house in Walkley. These were friends of my mum Sheila, who unfortunately passed away earlier this year. I cannot find their address in any book in the house so cannot contact them....If you know these people can you please Inbox me please. Thanks Carol
  3. There's a place on Holbrook Ind Est, Halfway. Think its called Award:)
  4. Have you thought about hiring the old Sheffield Dbl Decker Bus....they trim it up with ribbons ... not sure who owns it. Google it
  5. Have passed your details to my exhubby, another instructor who knows Steve. Caz
  6. I was brought up on Pickmere rd, met my ex-hubby via the tram sheds when the tractors came in to fuel up. Was gutted when they knocked it down. ---------- Post added 18-06-2013 at 13:18 ---------- My mum worked in Bottom Co-op Shop for years, I used to break boxes up in back of shop for a bar of chocolate.....was prob about 12 at the time:P
  7. My Dad was a welder at Greenland Road Depot. John "Woggy" Welton
  8. Had a meal at Mosborough Hall - very nice....:-)
  9. Pete is a great guy, he used to live close by at Crookes. My ex had amps built by him and Pete Thompson years ago. If it's broke he can generally fix it or improve it
  10. Think the drummer from BITTER SUITE was Steve aka Bubbles, passed away a few years ago
  11. Try Academy driving school, or M-way Driving school on 0771 0467975. Really patient guy, good with nervous pupils.
  12. I remember Candy Cabin, my mum worked in the co-op a few doors up (Sheila) in the 70s. I remember stacking the shelves in the school holidays and breaking up boxes in the back room, lol. I also lived on Pickmere Road up to 1986. My ex-hubby was a tractor driver from the tram sheds too ....... blast from the past. Do you remember Mavis in the beer-off nr zebra crossing?? Ron the butcher at top of School Rd is still going strong, he saw me grow up and my kids lol. Caz
  13. I was at Westways between 1971 and 1977...happy days lol. Lived up Crookes nr Post Office. Loved Mr Hughes, he moved to Hillsborough Junior I believe, sadly not with us nowadays. Caz x:hihi:
  14. Yeh it used to be a nice area but then all the houses got rented out.......need I say more?
  15. The Cheapest are cheap for a reason generally.....be careful who you pick. Have a look at my hubby's website - hes not the cheapest but he wont rip you off Good luck
  16. Just looked on AA Roadwatch - it says Shepcote Lane is closed both ways too
  17. I rang Veolia this morning and they will be emptied today (Monday) but it will take them longer because there is twice as much rubbish to move.... Caz in Wincobank
  18. A few spaces in the diary due to a run of passes the last 2 weeks....... Ring Martin @ M-Way Driving School for a booking if you are interested. Caz
  19. I go to Darnall meetings (Davy Mckee Sports Club). Deborah is brilliant - we have a good laugh there. Caz
  20. Ive just made a mistake of having a Moben kitchen! 4 weeks after the installation date I am still waiting for it to be finished off. Ive had 3 sets of doors so far due to scratches and dints and bad finishing of the doors. They told me one price at the start then told me it would be more a week after I had signed up.....Dont touch em!!!!
  21. Crosspool Tavern on Manchester Road Cheap Carvery and beautifully cooked. Caz x
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