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  1. It really isn't that difficult to fill out the forms yourself ... I managed it fine recently. There's all the help you need on the web.
  2. Council have rung me this morning and are going to deal with it :-)
  3. there are groups of children up and down that road with their teachers weekly. Its not worth the risk. Would you want your children picking leaves off it??
  4. Its a dangerous business forging. Condolences to the family :-(
  5. It depends which part of Sheffield you are in..... Redmires water was always crystal clear but Langsett used to be yellow most of the time due to the peat bogs
  6. Just had a walk out on my lunchbreak and was shocked to find Giant Hogweed growing on Coleridge Road at Attercliffe. Huge 7ft tall plants at the side of the traffic lights on the little hump backed bridge. I thought the press were over exaggerating but it seems not this time. Have reported it to council but will wait and see how long it takes to reply.
  7. Ive seen one in the River Rother at Halfway, it was the Alien American one. :-(
  8. Asda Handsworth stock Dixons sweets
  9. They need teaching how to use birth control ...... it's disgusting how this country gets abused. Housing shortage, school placements shortage, long waits for NHS all down to jonny foreigner and their kids.
  10. avoid Just Car Clinic .... insurance job - fitted a new bumper but used some of the old plastic parts off my original bumper. Also put the cheapest of cheap number plate on it. Brought it back with a bonnet that now doesn't close. Going back for re-assessment. You cant tell me they didn't notice the bonnet wouldn't close!!!
  11. I saw it ... seemed to be an AC47 Gunship I think:) Very low and beautiful sound
  12. Like I said previously it was originally an enquiry?? wasn't sure what had happened but a playing field was taped off
  13. seems someone reported gun shots according to The Star
  14. I type too quick sometimes and don't read back what Ive put lol:hihi:
  15. I had heard it might have been.... ok? And yes my typing is poo today lol
  16. It's a question if you ready it correctly, smart arse
  17. Anyone know what happened at Halfway? playing field nr school up Halfway Drive
  18. I was pleasantly surprised to see a peregrine swoop in front of my car yesterday tea time as I drove down Westfield Southway at Halfway, Sheffield. So nice to see such a beautiful bird living on the edge of town
  19. My mum, Sheila Thorpe, went to Western Rd in the mid/late 40's I believe. She told me of a Mr North. To my surprise the same Mr North was an elderly teacher at King Edward VII School in the late 70's I also went to Westways (70's). Teachers I remember are Mr Holden, Miss Marshall, Mr Hurt, Miss Ambler, the fabulous Mr Hughes, Mr Hides(Head), Miss Scott, Miss Wheeler (infants), Miss Pursehouse (annexe)
  20. at the end of the Viaduct at Meadowhall. T & C Tayloring just off End of Sheffield Road. I have used them several times. No probs and cheap :-)
  21. Sad loss, grew up on the same road as he lived. My ex was the proud owner of a Hartley Thompson Amp for years
  22. Brightstar Shotblast, Newhall Road, Attercliffe ??
  23. Killamarsh Dynamos AFC U9 Blues – 2014/2015 – Players Wanted. We have a great team for next season but require an additional goalkeeper and 2 to 3 outfield players. We play in the Sheffield & District Junior Sunday League and are a Charter Standard Club, all our coaches are either FA level 1 or 2 and fully FA CRB checked. Our training and home games are played at the Old Westfield School, Westfield Crescent, Mosborough. Our emphasis is on enjoyment and development. If interested please contact Chris on 07885 964 412 or cmbroad@sky.com and come along to one of our training sessions.
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