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  1. Another area covered in litter and dog poo is Grimesthorpe, Wansfell Rd area and Upwell Street as you go to Page Hall.


    Its disgusting how these people there have no respect for their property or surroundings. So who wants us to stay in Europe then?? We will end up with more and more areas like this in our beautiful city.:loopy:

  2. I remember a lad called Bryan Hare who, unfortunately, died young. He was born around 1959, had a younger sister, mum and dad (might also have been called Bryan). They lived on corner of Walkley Street and Hoole Street in the house that I think used to be a shop opposite what used to be Co-op.


    Still remember mom's co-op number and being allowed collect a block of ice cream from shop on corner of Walkley Street and Industry Street as a special treat.


    I was Carol Welton. Lived on Pickmere Road growing up.


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    Would that be Paul Rutter?


    Paul Rutter was in my class in KES, I know Ashley & Lindsay Garner too, and Chris Mather :hihi:

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