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  1. Carter Bailey Opticians - was David Sherherds. Fitzwilliam st S1. Moving to Cornish Street S3
  2. Need to cut most of them recently after the rain and sunshine. They are particularly slow at cutting Halfway along the tram tracks between terminus and crystal peaks.
  3. Anyone know what happened on Standon Road today? Sheffield Star says it's been closed due to a Police incident, but nothing else
  4. There's a tailor just under edge of Tinsley Viaduct (south end)
  5. Im sure I have a bag full of VCR movies in my loft. Would you still be interested? I will check and inbox you with details if I have got them.
  6. I can honestly say we have never had bad food in the pub, we live not far away and use it regularly. The staff are sometimes over stretched when its busy but no problems in general. Manager always happy to greet you. :-)
  7. JDS Autos, Trent Street, Sheffield 9.
  8. Cazzerb65

    Old Sheffield dialect

    There is a book called Sheffieldish. Not sure if you can still get it new though. It's so good. They must have a copy in a library somewhere.
  9. Cazzerb65

    Were you born in Sheffield

    A Crookes lass, born in Nether Edge Hospital
  10. Cazzerb65

    Neglected land at halfway

    How about the grass verges that run adjacent to the Tram Tracks at Halfway too. Don't think they have been cut since last Winter. Looks shocking. Not sure if it's council land or Stagecoach land
  11. Cazzerb65

    Litter on Sheffields streets

    Another area covered in litter and dog poo is Grimesthorpe, Wansfell Rd area and Upwell Street as you go to Page Hall. Its disgusting how these people there have no respect for their property or surroundings. So who wants us to stay in Europe then?? We will end up with more and more areas like this in our beautiful city.
  12. Cazzerb65

    Neglected land at halfway

    I think you will find on Sheffield Council Planning, it has been earmarked for another 200 houses just below the roundabout :-) It may all be tidied up in that process with a bit of luck
  13. Don't forget there are still steel forges up and running in Sheffield, such as Thos C Wild Ltd., IFA., Abbey Forge, Alcoa (Firth Rixson Forgings). Try their websites for info also :-)
  14. Cazzerb65

    What is wincobank like?

    I used to live there, up on the Crescent. It's much grubbier nowadays. Always hassle with teenagers in the area. Motorbikes on the park and stolen cars.
  15. Cazzerb65

    Anyone from Walkley?

    Not sure if he had a brother??

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