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  1. Check out on here which streets the 'scrap men' are operating on, leave it on someone's back garden and job's a good 'un.
  2. I think this quote says enough about why they shouldn't have done it:
  3. As Thee Likes It? Much Ado About Nowt? Th' Tempest? It doesn't work with Oth'ello though.
  4. They do, to go along with family and friends. I used to force my dad to take me to see stuff like Shakespeare plays and dolls house exhibitions and he was always good enough to say he enjoyed these things, because that's what dads do In return I've pretended to be riveted every time he's explained how the Dambusters practiced on Ladybower when we go up there. There's usually a 99 ice cream from the van after he's finished anyway, that keeps me focussed.
  5. This is what girls' little brothers are for. I had older brothers so I used to get made to wear cowboy gear and be target practice for them...
  6. I read some stats a while back which revealed many times more people visit garden centres and libraries every weekend as go to the footie, so you'd be surprised at how many people like different sorts of 'culture'. I'm always surprised we have sports news every half an hour on our news channels, even sports which are actually niche, like athletics, but we never hear what the number one single currently is. Why is that? Me? Nowt. Life's too short to make myself listen to some noodling jazz when I've just downloaded some Run DMC tracks
  7. They were probably some of the 'plastic scousers' you were on about - there's one or two of them about But Southport gets a good following all considered, in an area spoilt for choice for footie - my brother does a radio talk show about the local teams and it gets a good following which shows how many people do follow the small teams, even Skem FC About 3,000 travelled with the Linnets to see them win the FA Trophy, the village emptied.
  8. I know I sound like I work for them but Barnsley Market again is worth a look - I've seen the frilly baskets on there.
  9. You'll find most of the local footie fans follow more than one team - a premiership side and then one of the local teams - Southport, Burscough or Marine. There's a thriving grassroots football scene round there.
  10. TheJWs who call round here are always very polite, and as soon as they hear ye childe wittering on in the living room, they apologise and say they won't keep me at the door. This is in direct contrast to the chuggers I'd quite like some of those nice Mormon boys to call round, they're usually easy on the eye
  11. I think it has more to do with a teacher being scared that by letting one child have the freedom not to sing, it will lead to everyone else demanding the same. However, this doesn't necessarily follow, so the teacher is being extremely unfair on this boy. And regardless of his religious views, he may simply be an introvert and as such find singing an absolutely crippling thing to do. You cannot 'force' an introvert to change their personality no matter how hard you try, but you can make them an emotional screw up by trying.
  12. Why don't they just hike tax on any 'cider' with the words 'white' or 'lightning' in its name? Because you don't get many 14 year olds hanging out in Endcliffe Park necking Westons, do you? The swines............
  13. I secretly wanted a boy because I can't stand all that girly crap. I quite like making paper dolls and brushing dolls' hair but boys' toys are much more fun And having said this, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he grows up to be Gok Wan - he already likes playing with handbags, jewellery and make up.... Imagine if this man had a son and he started getting into girly stuff? He probably would, too, because his big sisters would use him as a victim in their makeover games.
  14. It's like anything else, if it's something I know I won't enjoy (namely, ballet, jazz, steel drumming dins, mime or in fact any kind of dance) I just don't go. I'm sure people 'force themselves' to enjoy a lot of things, soaps and football, not just 'cultural' things. And why put 'culture' in a little fenced off area anyway?
  15. The rollercoaster got demolished alas - Blackpool Pleasure Beach bought Pleasureland and decided to smash it to pieces because it was 'competition' for Blackpool. Someone else has bought the remains though and is trying to reopen it, so there mgith be one or two attractions left. No Cyclone or River Caves though
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