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  1. so not sure if you still have this but i had a 2.8i Brooklands about 15 years ago and fitted this kit http://capriclub.co.uk/suspension-handling/Club-Handling-Kit/Evolution-Kit and the handling improved no end. #carsishouldn'thavesold
  2. Grew up at the top, Moved there in 1974 and the family still own 2 houses on there. Lovely road only downside is alot of cars parked on both side of the road.
  3. Nope all over the country in area's that were planned to be done by the original cable companies before they went bust. click the link and request it in your area and it will be looked at.
  4. Get super fast broadband expanded in sheffield https://keepup.virginmedia.com/cablemystreet?buspart=uk_pre_b_na_info_network-expansion
  5. Not sure if anyone has seen the news last week about Virginmedia expansion and they have just set up a website to register your interest. I'm not really interested if you don't like Virgin but if you live in an area not served then by registering you increase the chance of expanding in Sheffield. There are huge areas not covered in S8 & S17 amongst other areas not covered. Click the link and register https://keepup.virginmedia.com/cablemystreet?buspart=uk_pre_b_na_info_network-expansion
  6. I tried loads of so called specialists with my SLK (one having it for over a week) and in the I took it to Europa and they fixed it in less than 2 hours.
  7. Does anyone know what's happening at the old peoples home on Dyche Road, Jordanthorpe. I know its been empty for a while and i guess its been knocked down but a lot more land has been fenced off.
  8. we had an appointment to renew the mortgage at 7:30 the other month
  9. Grew up there and there isn't many better locations in Sheffield. Due to the more affluent people that live there this does then get targeted by criminals (Shed/Garages & Car Theft) but this is the same where ever you live in this lovely country we live in. I would love to afford to buy a house there.
  10. The companies that installed the cable services in the late 80's & early 90's went bust before they had a chance to complete the whole of Sheffield (like in most other towns & cities). Oh no Virgin Media services in Jordanthorpe, Batemoor or Lowedges
  11. Please use the vacancies section of classifeds. Closing.
  12. I have just had a visit from a British Gas inspector to see if its possible to have cavity wall insulation at my house. I was told by him that its not possible as due to the house design (Half Brick / Half Boarding) there was not enough area to make it worth while. As this would have been done Free of Charge I'm guessing that its funded by some one like the Government or the EEC so surely this isn't 'fair' that there has to be a full house to make it worth while. Has anyone else who lives on Jordanthorpe come across this problem and where they able to get the work done ? Cheers
  13. Hi All Please can anyone in the Jordanthorpe area please look out for our new 6 week old kitten who somehow has managed to escape from a his room and fenced garden. He is a Ginger Tom and has been neutered and chipped and is very small Thank you
  14. It shouldn't take anywhere near 3 weeks to be honest never mind 4 months. Call them and see if your order has been progressed. The only delay would be if your house isn't already cabled up
  15. Hi There I have knocked down a wall that was keyed into the house, is there a brickie out there that wants a couple of hours work to cut and refit teh bricks ? Cheers
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