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  1. Dead Snow - Zombie Nazis! Wooo
  2. I don't mean a small one or a big one.....I'm talking average here
  3. Shaving Ryans Privates Naughty Nurses 6 Busty Brunettes 9 All classics
  4. I make my dad check everything, gives him something to do the lazy sod
  5. Looks like I got bottom raped then , I took it to the place on ulveston road (bottom of woodseats road) They said that I needed the light, the relay and the Ballast pack????? They said what had happened was the window washer thing had split meaning that the water had gone straight into the light (Because my good friend had taken the casing off and not put it back properly as he had a 172 and had a problem with his light) if that makes sense
  6. I have a distinct fear of people so I like to use the selfserve ones
  7. Nah it was one of them stupid xenon ones that come as standard on the sport. You have to buy the motor thing for it aswell... Plus renault are robbing scumbags. I asked the garage if they could change them both to standard bulbs but they wouldn't
  8. I also hate those people who constantly follow you and put them annoying blue flashing lights on, Just because you were doing 80 in a 30 zone
  9. I had an head light out on my old clio sport for about 4 months, I would have got it fixed but it cost just over £400 Probably not the sensible purchase I ever made
  10. I disagree with everything you say on this forum..... Mother
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