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  1. Hey Guys, I will try and keep this short I am a Published Book Illustrator, at the moment I am working on a short personal animation project. I am looking for Musicians to collaborate with. I need someone who can write and play their own music, Prefrably a pianist, But it would be nice to try diffrent things out. If we could get afew people working together that would be great! At the moment i have a script and i am working on the storyboards. I would really like to work around the music. Its ment to be a very atmospheric, so i want the music and the art work to mix well together. Please get in touch.... Thanks
  2. What age group is it? have you got good coaches for 100m? Thanks
  3. Hello Sheffield People. I have been thinking about getting into 100m spriting for a while now. I used to train at institute of sport afew years back, but now i have got the urge to start training again, see what times i can get and maybe start competing. I am 20 years old and want to join a serious club, intense training and good coaches that could get me into compatitions. Does anyone know of such a club in sheffield? Do any of you go to a club like that? Thanks.
  4. thats all good then! Emaild the President! (no not barack obama) the president of the walking group! lets see what happens!
  5. Do you need to be part of a uni to join?
  6. Heyyy! I am from dronfield too!! Maybe we should just start a new group! get some people together, 17 to 30 no fees, just propper good old walking!!! whos up for it??
  7. agreed! hey Tell me if you come across anyone please! haha i am still looking
  8. yeah i got the joke haha, yeah hopfully something will pop up
  9. I don't think i want that kind of drama.. but thanks for the advice haha
  10. Ciao! I am Omar, i am 18 and I really would love to get into drama! I did Drama for a while in college, and really enjoyed it. At the moment i would really like to join a drama group or get involved in drama (acting) lessons! It would be nice to meet other people who are acting, and learning to act aswell! Does anyone know anywhere i could go?
  11. Helloo.... Not sure how to start this, umm I have always loved art, but mainly the drawing side of it. i love to draw and i also love to animate, to make my art come to life. I have a very artistic mind and have been fascinated with the idea of photography The way some people can capture something, and it still feeing alive! I always take pictures where ever i go, of things that catch my eye, and always try and capture them in the best way i can! but to be honest, i am not any good............. yet! I am looking for a photography group or some people that i can get involved with, to learn how to become a good photogrofer! I feel it will help me with my drawing and my animation. Thanks O
  12. Hello people! my name is Omar and i am 18 from dronfield. I walked the pennine way last summer, in 11 days with my good friend, camped most nights. Basicly, i havent gotten round to doing any walking as of late, because my friend i walk with has moved to london! I am basicly looking for a group of people who walk, and won't, mind me coming along! I am looking to walk with people around my age, or if not, groups with all diffrent ages. Thanks O
  13. Hello, yes I do have examples. I have been building a flash website to put all my work on it, but i am less than half way through that. How can i contact you? so I can send through my work examples.
  14. whats the movie about? any script or anything you can send out?
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