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  1. In the 80's I used to drink in the horse and lion and dated a girl from around there. I've just been wondering. What was on the land where the flats were and the houses before they were built. Never seen any pictures pre 1960
  2. Perhaps people will Know Joanna from the education department. She used to work there from the mid 80's
  3. That is the lady. But that record is from 2002 nothing newer
  4. no mate she was a little older than that but thanks for trying
  5. She lived on Westwick Crescent if it helps but on 192.com says she lived on old park avenue but no idea now
  6. Anyone know the whereabouts of an old friend Joanna Grady from Greenhill. Not necessarily trying to contact but would love to know she's ok
  7. You terrible person Pigeon going nesting lol
  8. His Brother Mick worked there too for a while
  9. I knew a steve boot from Robey street
  10. https://www.facebook.com/events/793807097301583/?ref=3&ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular Hope his helps
  11. \\\\\The Vulcan was up there but that is shut too now
  12. It appears the tap room is now a chip shop
  13. The Wentworth is next to the steel works and just above it used to be the Lambpool
  14. Don't know how true it is. But was told there are still some Little Mesters workshops in Leahs yard on Cambridge St.
  15. My lasting memory of these flats was going to a party with my ex after a night in the Horse and Lion. And while we were there the host thought it would be great fun to hang his girlfriend over the balcony by her feet. We were about ten floors up. I couldn't get out of there quick enough.
  16. I live 200 yards from the bottom of hole house lane. sleep with the windows open and here nothing. Don't let the steelworks put you off. I have been up here 22 yrs now and love it. One thing you'll find is for your money you'll get a lot more house. If you have Kids the four schools within 5 minutes are phenomenal. And walk to the top of the hill and you can walk for miles in beautiful countryside giving you all the peace and quiet you'll ever need. And as to all the Bull written about it been bad even the rough areas are better than been in town.
  17. What a shame Had most of my post pubescent age in this pub and carried on til been barred when I was 26. However some of my greatest memories now lie in a premier supermarket. how sad is that
  18. Only thing that has changed from the wap and the down stairs bar at the casbah is that the DJ is not in the same place.
  19. Cheers. Would love to know if anyone knows the locations of any other old works
  20. Recently I have been out with my camera taking photos of some of the industrial heritage of our great city. I have come across some pictures on the net of the bow works. Unfortunately I have no idea where these were can anyone help please.
  21. My Father in law says he was brought up in Parkers Yard but know one seems to know where it was. We believe it was near Hillfoot bridge and Marble Arch (where this is, is a mystery too) Can anyone help. Cheers in anticipation
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