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  1. In the 80's I used to drink in the horse and lion and dated a girl from around there. I've just been wondering. What was on the land where the flats were and the houses before they were built. Never seen any pictures pre 1960
  2. Perhaps people will Know Joanna from the education department. She used to work there from the mid 80's
  3. That is the lady. But that record is from 2002 nothing newer
  4. no mate she was a little older than that but thanks for trying
  5. She lived on Westwick Crescent if it helps but on 192.com says she lived on old park avenue but no idea now
  6. Anyone know the whereabouts of an old friend Joanna Grady from Greenhill. Not necessarily trying to contact but would love to know she's ok
  7. You terrible person Pigeon going nesting lol
  8. His Brother Mick worked there too for a while
  9. I knew a steve boot from Robey street
  10. https://www.facebook.com/events/793807097301583/?ref=3&ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular Hope his helps
  11. \\\\\The Vulcan was up there but that is shut too now
  12. It appears the tap room is now a chip shop
  13. The Wentworth is next to the steel works and just above it used to be the Lambpool
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