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  1. I think I can see the reason for your confusion. Unlike gardening, plumbing (gas work) and electrics require an industry standard qualification. Gas work = 'Gas Safe', Electrical = 'Part P'. With respect, anyone can pick up a fork and start weeding the beds but there are only certain things that unqualified people are allowed to do with plumbing and electrics. This is the reason that the staff at B&Q can only help you with certain things. You my be able to purchase the goods needed for other jobs but they can only be carried out by a qualified trades person, therefore it would be inapropriate for the member of staff to advise you even though he/she may be more than capable. Hope this helps.
  2. I find the staff in there very useful for directing me to the correct aisle for a product. I don't ask them for their advice on technical stuff as they are shop assistants, not industry experts. If you need advice on your chosen trade perhaps you should attend a college course or read a few gardening books from the library. They are free you know.
  3. I would Rampent (Amazing! I can say Rampe......), but it is full of hot chicks.
  4. I am gutted! I filled all the cars, even a couple of classics from my garages just to be on the safe side. The old Miura hasn't had a full tank in decades, I couldn't resist giving her a spin and ended up flying around the North Yorks Moors. Now I have to go and panic buy all over again! (Wish there was a 'banging my head against a wall' smiley)
  5. Well, I must say it's the most ridiculous "car" I have ever seen, completely pointless! Why on earth do people like buy such things? Are they mega cheap or are they given to people on benefits for free?
  6. You do what you want love but they won't catch me out!
  7. Oh Oh O,O,O,Oh my gosh!!! (lyrics courtesy of Usher) Your first paragraph is essent ShefStealth, but after that it just gets plain silly doesn't it?
  8. Hi koikeeper, although I am an Alpha Male, I am not Christ. Have you noticed how rude people become in these circumstances? The guy behind me was doing his nut because I had taken the last of the diesel! What would he have done in my position, shared it with the chap behind him?
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