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  1. Try something completely opposite to what you would normally do problems are opportunities
  2. Horses for courses if you cant work then you cant, if you can afford not to work then good on you, I think what gets most peoples backs up is the people that choose not to work even when they are able to and need to but choose to live off benefits, we have all seen and met many who claim benefits is better for them financially compared to working 40 hours in a menial job, most are not prepared to lower themselves to menial jobs when they can get similar amounts of money by not working, the menial jobs can lead to better things and gives a sense in direction, maybe I am old school in my mind and think work is better. Both sides of the coin though, I have seen many desperate for a job, the people skilled and unskilled, truth is not a lot out there.
  3. Best way to test your tv is with a blu ray, that will show you the potential and may suprise you
  4. Grew fully back after about three years, blood cell count returned to normal after 3rd or 4th month of tests, not had any problems since, no discoloration or body hair loss either. They put it down to just one of those things, lots of ifs and buts, too be honest I had a huge amount of stress for a few years previous to that which may or may not have been the cause, like I said if`s and buts This all happened about seven years ago.
  5. Excellant idea and agree with likes dislikes, this will be tried first, final thing, can the disinfactant damage the grass?
  6. The doctor should refer you to the hospital, I am male and suffered with alapecha ( excuse spelling ) for around 3 years...had several patches around side of head ranging from size of a 5p up too size of a tennis ball. Had to have blood tests around every four weeks as one of the cell counts was out, this can be scary as your imagination can read far too much into it. It must be a lot worse for a woman as for myself simple answer was a patchy skin head for a few years. Push for help on this and professional advice I know it is out there. Department I went to was at Hallamshire
  7. Yes they know, it is not possible to use sand etc etc as the cat will not go on their garden due to them having a dog as well, they dont get on. The cat has always been an outside cat and never gone in their house, it belongs to them and hangs around on nearby walls fences etc etc andgoes on an out building for its food. Situation with neighbours is fine and my attitude towards the cat is that it is not doing anything wrong...I just want to deter it from my garden and move it on to somewhere else for its toilet I noticed or have misread but feel some are getting up tight on what was a genuine plea for advice from those that have experienced this before. If possible I would like to turn the situation around before summer as this will be the time hopefully my daughter will be playing in the garden I have created for her. Some one mentioned earlier about orange peel, this rang a bell from many years ago with some one in the family that used this process, many thanks for jogging my memory as I had completely forgot and chances are I would not have remembered with out your comment. Comments are appreciated and valued Jacko:)
  8. Sandie why on earth would I tell it any different to how it actually is? Yes the garden does not have any borders, what is the point in me running out of the house after I have found my keys to try and discourage the cat? the cat will have finished by the time I get out there. I am an animal lover and wish the cat no harm at all hence none chemical ways to deter or anything that would cause it harm. The neighbors know as we have often joked, but can we do? the cat is not doing anything out of spite, it is just being a cat. This was quite a simple question on here and I was hoping for simple advice from people who have faced an age old problem. I am sure this post has been made many times in the past, I apologise for not seeing it in the three or four days I have been here. Jeeesh makes me wonder
  9. Got to admit gets on my nerves when a lot of hard work time and money has gone into making a garden for daughter to play in with considerations to keeping the dog segregated for messy time
  10. Guessing you mean "curling one out" with out burying it? Yes it does everytime, I have seen lots of times. The cat is a neighbours and will not go on their garden, it is an outside cat and never goes indoors, my knowledge is limited with cats
  11. Hmmmm have to admit watch now and again for lazy TV, always makes me feel thankfull my life is not as screwed up as his guests
  12. Definitely a cat as I have witnessed it doing the dirty Orange peel makes sense as the dog hates anything with citrus, will give that a go
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