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  1. The Jack is now under new management. Hot and cold food available. Kids aloud in till 9pm Thursday: Bingo from 7pm Friday: Disco from 7pm Sunday: Disco & karaoke from 4pm
  2. Here's a video showing the alarm system fitted to my wheelchair. It doesn't affect how the wheelchair works or anything. Just wires direct to the battery
  3. Totally agree. About 10 year ago my wheelchair was stolen from my sisters house when I was rushed to hospital in an ambulance. Members of this forum went out looming for it and found it on a back garden smashed up. After that I've always felt safer after having an alarm fitted. Edit: Found the old thread from when mine was stolen. Members of this forum were amazing http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=464074&highlight=wheelchair+stolen
  4. Ash. Datatool are already planning something exactly how you said. It will also send a notification to your phone to say your scooter/wheelchair has been tampered with. If the mobility aid is plugged in on charge and someone unplugs it to nick it, it also triggers tge alarm
  5. True but if you were in a shop and your alarm goes off I think you'd notice. The alarm on mine even goes off if they try nick the batteries
  6. I'm thinking of offering a service of fitting alarms to mobility aids for people. I would only charge the price of the alarm and a donation to charity. Trying to find out if people would be interested
  7. Unfortunately more and more scooters are getting nicked. The batteries are expensive and it's so easy to steal. The keys used can be turned with any thing you can insert in. I'm currently working with CareCo Mobility and datatool to come up with an alarm that would help keep scooters safe. I've had my wheelchair stolen years ago and the police told the papers they found it. What they didn't say was it was actually residents in high green and members of this forum that were out searching for it that found it
  8. Hi everyone. Grenoside Crematorium has been taken over by another company. They have left a note at the entrance saying all grave decorations/gifts need removing asap or anything left will be scrapped.
  9. Careco are now looking at fitting an alarm system to their scooters as standard
  10. Today we found a cake outside our door and when we opened the door, we saw 2 young ladies walking down the road with Coop jackets on. I googled the number for our local coop and was told they are giving local residents a free cake. I've posted on facebook asking if anyone else has received one and I've just been told the coop is closed Dow. Am I been pranked?
  11. The company who gave me the scooter have just bought me a new website and domain specially for the scooter. Just got to add content etc http://www.pimpedmobilityscooter.Co.uk I plan in getting some better pictures and videos for both sites
  12. I build my own websites so makes it easier lol. I did want to buy pimp my wheelchair.Co.uk but I don't know how I could contact the owner
  13. Hi everyone. As some of you may know I run a project called Pimp My Wheelchair Project, where I've been customising my wheelchair and displaying it at shows to raise money for charity. To expand the project CareCo Mobility have given me a brand new mobility scooter to do anything I'd like to. The thing is I want my website etc to include the scooter more. Now I can't decide if I should set a new website up just for the scooter called Pimped Mobility Scooter or change the name of something like Pimp My Mobility Aid? I'm open to suggestions.
  14. I use these guys. Really friendly and they can cut you any shape. I send them a paper template of what I want and they do a perfect copy. http://modelshop.co.uk/
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