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  1. up to now, there's only you that thinks it was irony. despair away, i don't give a flying squirrel.
  2. ah, didn't see this thread before the other in the jobs section aspire computers, soar works, parson cross charge a fixed fee of £35 for repairs, plus parts. had a laptop screen replaced for £80 recently. might be worth a try.
  3. that parking warden has probably been called 'scum' many times. ask him if he thinks it's ironic. and what's wrong with me making a correlation between 'sucking up' and 'sucking off'?
  4. you're right. that could be sheffield forum's new slogan - "what's the point?"
  5. oh, overalls. i thought you meant vehicle service (overhaul) as tomm06 said, progressive safety; or arco (parkway avenue), there are others. some builders merchants also do them
  6. is it the same with a different browser? (not experiencing the same problems here)
  7. seriously? 10 character minimum? what a ****ing joke
  8. yeah me too. but i'd also take the keys out of the ignition and launch them as far as i could, preferably into a patch of nettles.
  9. that parking warden will probably have been sacked by now.
  10. i read that, but the only thing i got from it is that cyclone is considerably richer than yow.
  11. http://www.ohmagif.com/2013/09/01/dude-taught-lesson-talking-phone-driving/
  12. i was under the impression that for crossfire to work effectively, both cards had to be the same model
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