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  1. I lived in Australia last year for 8 months and I was very happy to return to Sheffield. Won't go into all the boring details but once I was back, I loved the feeling of being somewhere I belonged. Everyone and every situation is different. What I find quite funny though, is the amount of people who say they would never return, Sheffield is a dump etc. (even the most beautiful places have their horrible areas) but yet are still active on this forum, some after being away most of their lives. Are they afraid of missing something? I looked at this forum whilst living in Oz, but only because I was homesick. If I had been happy I don't think I would have given the goings on in Sheffield another thought. Funny also the amount of people who move abroad but yet still actively seek out people from where they are from, to make friends with. What's wrong with the locals of your new country that you love so much (or pretend to!)
  2. Has anyone recently used and can recommend a reliable pet sitter? Looking for someone to come and feed my two cats whilst I am on holiday. Thanks
  3. Admitting to booting your car to catch up with a speeding driver, (I've got you now) I think you will find is speeding. If he can catch up with a speeding stolen car, then he was speeding. It appears to be quite simple and obvious and it's people like him who cause accidents. The police would have been concentrating on the stolen car so he was lucky. Like I said, had there been no police present this situation would probably have become quite dangerous. Closet Guy, I can only assume you drive in the same manner, what other reason would you be justifying/condoning his attitude and behaviour?
  4. I'd love to hear you being so flippant if a loved one of yours was killed by a speeding driver.
  5. He was speeding. The OP said himself, catching up with the driver was no problem, yet the police couldn't......doesn't take much working out does it? Who knows what he would have done if he had killed someone. Stopped or driven off? Been completely oblivious to the fact that he'd killed someone? Either way he could have killed someone. Hit, or hit and run, someone could have died. So no, not saying he is the same as a hit and run driver but he most very well could have been.
  6. Your question makes no sense but I will try and answer. The scumbags who killed my mum, started off doing what the OP was doing. It ended up with them trying to outdo each other, much the same as the OP was trying to do by the sounds of it. Why on earth else would you want to try and catch up with a speeding driver? These situations can escalate. If the police hadn't appeared, what could this situation have turned into? One where the two cars were trying to outspeed each other and another driver/pedestrian got in the way of their fun? I'm sure the people who killed my mum didn't foresee the devastating consequence of their actions when they started out on their little race. For goodness sake, you read it again......testing out the rubber, booted it, seconds later I'm on his arse coming up to a bend........does this sound like a careful and considerate driver or a complete idiot who only cares about himself? He came on here to criticise a speeding driver and makes himself sound 100 times worse. Yes, this is the kind of person who causes fatal accidents. Just because he didn't cause one this time doesn't mean his attitude won't cause one in the future. And of course it happened to my mum....why would I say it otherwise
  7. You are affected in ways that you would never imagine and the pain never goes away. I can't bear to think about what this family are going through.
  8. Aries65 is quite right. He/she said people 'Like' him cause deaths, which is true. My mum was killed by two drivers trying to outdo each other. If you witness someone speeding, is trying to catch up with them the right and safe thing to do?? Cars and roads are a means of getting from A to B. Not for some selfish, insecure idiots trying to show who is boss. Have some respect for other people safety and lives.
  9. 4 years ago, my mum was killed by two drivers racing each other. The one who was able to drive away from the collision, left the scene. He didn't hand himself in, he was tracked down by the police, mainly due to having a distinctive car and there being many witnesses. I doubt it will be so easy to track this driver down so I do hope they come forward. if only to show respect for this girl and her family who will be suffering more than you could ever imagine. Her family will need answers and justice. My thoughts are with the family......the long term effects are devastating, this not something you ever recover from, especially when a child has been killed.
  10. I think you are extremely lucky that the rain is the biggest problem in your life!!!!
  11. That's so funny when practically every poster is trying to tell someone not to go to a clairvoyant!!!!!!!
  12. Yes, Convict Edd, you most definitely are......
  13. I wish people would take the time to read these posts properly. The OP did not ask your opinions on clairvoyants. She simply asked if anyone could recommend one. If you can't recommend one then don't bother posting. Keep your opinions for when they are required, don't tell people what they should do and how they should think or feel. Maybe then you won't come across as bullying control freaks.
  14. Exactly my point. Just vile people who like to bully and have a laugh at the expense of others.
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