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  1. Things shouldn't be forced on cultures that don't want it. I thought the left believed in multiculturalism?
  2. If the left truly want multiculturalism they need to accept that some cultures don't want LGBT rights forced upon them.
  3. I'm well aware that there are elements In all sections of society that are uneasy about the LGBT issue, but it is particularly an issue amongst the various ethnic minority groups who are on the whole quite socially conservative.
  4. 😆 "Some parents in Birmingham"
  5. In the news this week has been Muslim parents threatening to take their children out of schools for exposing them to LGBT issues. For the record I respect the Muslims stance, but you'll not hear the left condemn them, not specifically anyway, if pressed the left will spinelessly blend it in with bigotry across the whole of society generally.
  6. I bet you sneer at the Salvation Army just because they're a Christian organisation.
  7. Cultural Marxism/the Frankfurt school isn't something that I would characterise as being a Jewish conspiracy, I thought it was looked upon as a communist conspiracy.
  8. Was he your regular dentist or was he just filling in?
  9. He wouldn't approve of a back bencher leaping straight into the role of leader/Prime minister. He would surely believe that one must serve with distinction in a prominent cabinet position first. Personally I'd like Amber Rudd.
  10. Great memories of that place as a child. It was like a mini Rivelin.
  11. With Costa Coffee and also Rawson Springs being quite a pleasant place in the daytime Java Lounge was always going to struggle.
  12. British troops in Kosovo with EU flag on their uniforms.
  13. Feeble handwringing idiots at the FA are conscious that simply being called "the FA" comes across as arrogant. Stop the world I want to get off! https://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/soccerengland/football-association-set-to-rebrand-as-efa-in-attempt-to-shed-arrogant-image/ar-BBVlhAI?MSCC=1553795802&ocid=spartanntp
  14. He'll be getting well advised on how to stay just on the right side of that criteria.
  15. The fashion for tattoos is definitely on the decline, sure they'll always be a scene of people into it as there always has been, but all the normal everyday people with tattoos covering their entire arm and on the hand and neck etc, just look like idiots now. I'm glad I resisted it.
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