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  1. True. "Casual racism" is just another new PC term which effectively means taking offence when none was intended. I think we're wasting our time arguing with racist ronthenekred though so I'm bowing out of this thread.
  2. And right on cue here's my stalker again. Little wonder that a keyboard warrior who threatened another poster with "I would teach you a lesson in violence you would be unlikely to forget" turns out to be a defender of violent dog breeds! http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showpost.php?p=10642048&postcount=45
  3. Does France have a free national health service?
  4. This week's staffy attack, a defenceless 91 year old pensioner is savaged in the street in an unprovoked act of savagery. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/horrific-pictures-show-91-year-old-grandmothers-4091192 Anyone still think staffys are harmless and it's all the fault of the media? Thought not, you can't defend the indefensible can you?
  5. Frankie Boyle's comedy has always had a degree of shock value. Okay he's lost his way a bit now he's not on TV so much but I'd rather watch his kind of comedy than safe inoffensive PC comedy as typified by BBC favourites like Michael McIntyre and John Bishop.
  6. Why have you got nearly 8,000 posts on here if you find SF so boring?
  7. 5 minutes of fame. http://www.kentonline.co.uk/thanet/news/ting-tong-row-rumbles-on-22346/
  8. No, an oxymoron is a phrase where one part contradicts another. Examples you might use on here might be "responsible staffy owner" or "attractive single mother".
  9. Clearly they're not, but as I have already said, they were private messages not intended for anyone but the mate he texted. Publically he is a great supported of "Kick racism out of football" as the link below shows, and he's done an awful lot to help black players further their careers. Does that sound like the behaviour of a racist to you? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2730799/Malky-Mackay-attended-Kick-It-Out-s-20th-anniversary-dinner-just-three-months-accused-sending-racist-texts.html
  10. This information comes from my sister who works as a practice nurse. For obvious confidentiality reasons she can't go into specifics but she claims that a sizeable proportion of people who come in for doctors appointments don't really need one.
  11. Just pointing out your hypocrisy in calling people racist in another thread then using a racist term in this one. Even if it was a crude attempt at humour you're still implying that young women from Thailand will only marry a man if he provides for them in return, which is not just racist but sexist also.
  12. No, most people who work have disposable income and choose what to spend it on. You can either buy junk food, drink and smoke or you can eat healthily and put a bit of cash aside in case you fall ill or maybe take out health insurance. If you don't have enough personal income there are many things you can do. You could work more hours, take on a second job, get qualifications to get a better job. Or if you're spending too much you could downsize to a smaller house, get rid of your car, cut down on luxuries like having the latest mobile phone or designer label clothes. So yes, for all but a few, being poor is a choice. Go into your local GP surgery and you'll find plenty of people who don't need to be there. Overprotective mothers who think that just because their baby's sneezed they need an urgent appointment. Pensioners who just want somewhere to go and someone to chat to. Hypochondriacs, pregnant teenagers, the list is endless. If they had to pay £5 a time I think you'd find it a lot easier to get an appointment if you genuine need one.
  13. No, in your case it is racist as you specifically said a Ting Tong from Thailand. If you'd said a Ting Tong from somewhere it wouldn't have been racist.
  14. Okay, so calling an Englishman "Mr Bean from somewhere" is not racist yet calling a Thai woman "Ting Tong from somewhere" is? What an odd sense of values you have, Ron!
  15. But for all but a handful of people being poor or not is a choice. The vast majority of us have a choice in how healthy a lifestyle we lead and also how we spend our income. Perhaps if, as some have suggested, it cost £5 a visit to your GP, people would stop bothering them with trivial complaints and there'd be more appointments for those who genuinely need them?
  16. Oh dear, seems like poor Ronthenekred can't find himself a woman! Perhaps he could pop over to Thailand and get himself a mail order bride?
  17. If I called you "Mr Bean from somewhere" would that be racist?
  18. Except that as Cardiff manager Mackay signed and worked with many black players, as well as players of many different nationalities, none of whom have come forward to condemn him. A racist is some one who actively discriminates against people because of the colour of their skin, not someone who sometimes tells a mate a non-PC joke. Personally I'd rather judge a man by what he does rather than what he says.
  19. A medical practice in the public sector has no incentive to improve its customer service as regardless of how good or bad it is, they still get paid. A private medical practice knows that if it's customers are unhappy cause they can't get an appointment, it has to improve its service as if its customers go elsewhere the practice won't get paid.
  20. Says the man who's made 52,816 posts on this forum! Oh the irony.
  21. Would you want all your private conversations with your friends (assuming you have any) recorded and to be at risk of losing your job if someone was offended by something you said privately that was never intended for them to hear?
  22. The issue here isn't what they said it's whether it was intended for public consumption that's the issue here. A private text message is just that - private. The content of the texts may be unsavoury but the comments are no different to what a couple of working class blokes might say to each other down their local over a pint.
  23. That's a fair point and of course if you're a businessman you need an attractive partner on your arm when attending social functions too.
  24. Except that privatisation would actually make the NHS more efficient and more responsive to its customers.
  25. Yes, I'm wondering that too. Out of interest Cyclone, what part of Thailand are you from?
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