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  1. The reason why you don't see the condemnation in the press from muslim groups is because it does not make good newspaper sales. The media rather focus on idiots such as Abu Hamza and Umar Bakri.
  2. Just as Jade from Big Brother does not represent the average english person, same way a murderous nutter in Pakistan does not represent over a billion muslims.
  3. If you look in the back of some of the jap car mags, you can often find insurance companies who will cover for imported vehicles.
  4. Try 1st Class Travel (0800 970 4844)) they charged me £300 return for 6 passengers to London Heatrow and back, and that was in a nice Chrysler Voyager
  5. 1st Class Travel charge £45.00 to East Midlands
  6. 1st Class Travel do up to 8 passengers, we paid £120 return which I thought was reasonable. Tel 0800 970 4844
  7. Call 1st Class Travel on 0800 9704844, I know they have an 8 seater vehicle.
  8. 1st Class Travel charge £85 return for Manchester Airport tel 0800 970 4844
  9. I bought a rover 25 for my wife, x reg with only 33k miles for £1800. I thought that was vey good value for money, as it looks good, drives well and for now has been realiable.
  10. You could try http://www.sheffieldtaxifrorum.co.uk see if anyone knows about it !
  11. Life is like an errection, the more you think about it, the harder it gets !
  12. Whole areas of spain and south of france have been occupied by brits, do you see the spanish jumping up and down
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