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  1. Hi Kibi This does not have anthing to do with firewosks, you put on a post last year for Pauline Parker,at Southey Green School, i tried to email her at the address you gave but it came back to me,do you no her new email . You can email me at :southeygreenschool1958@xplornet.com: Thanks Graham Wyatt PS We have fireworks all year round here in Canada !
  2. I have been looking for Maureen Slater for many years with no luck,I met her in our last year of senior school, we left Southey Green school at the summer break in July 1958.I am not sure but was told that she came from another school for the seniors,she lived on Deerlands near the roundabout where the #10 (110) used to turn around. If anyone knows of her whareabouts i would love to no how she has been doing,the last time i saw her she was a nurse at Northern General Hospital.You can pm me at gmwyatt@mts.net
  3. I think i remember them,some of the names seem familier,i do remember the manager was a Welshman not sure of his name but the yard forman we always called him sn*ts because that is what he was always doing,the manager would have him get him a pot of tea and he always did it in his cup,i don't think he ever new what he was drinking, well i wont be on the computer untill the end of June when we get back from Sheffield talk to you then. Graham
  4. i too worked at Burdalls i was a van driver that would be about the mid 60's, great stuff in winter for getting you going wen you got stuck in snow Graham
  5. hi Bryan, I too worked for Ross, just before they was tacken over by Humber Warhousing and then got laid off, and humber started a new depot at Frckley nr Doncaster,the depot if you can call it that was on a farm,they grew potatoes and made frensh frise (chips) that we deliverd,i worked there untill i got sacked because i was emigrateing to Canada,we left Heathrow December 28 1974 and have never been back but my wife and i are finaly coming for a holliday this week we will be in Sheffield May 26 until june 18. Graham
  6. hi, i lived on Southey hill as a kid and in Chapeltowne before we came to Canada,my wife is from Ecclesfield, we have lived in Manitoba since 1974 and never been back. Graham Wyatt
  7. Yes those names seem to ring a bell. I would'nt know the neaves we moved from #23 in about 1960-61 to Hackenthorpe, i hated it it was too quiet after living at the top of the hill, the old Leyland buses changed gear right in front of our house. If anyone is interested there will be a Southey Green school reunion on the 27 May at The Tavellers Inn, Ecclesfield from 3pm to 6 pm, it could not be held at the school because of constuction Graham Wyatt
  8. Yes i remember O'Brians,there was a girl nexdoor her name was Susan ?, was told some time ago that she died.Rember Rumbelows a girl there too, Rita.Taylers they was our neighbers can't remember any of there names though. Good to here from you, i have lived in Canada now since 1974.
  9. I went to Southey Green did all my shool time there left in 1958, i lived at the top of Southey Hill # 23 oposite North Hill rd. Graham Wyatt
  10. Thanks bensonheges Do you have any more details phone# ? address ? would love to talk to her again it's been a long time.
  11. i am looking for Maureen Slater,she lived on Deerland Ave. and went to Southey Green School left at age 15 in 1958. Last seen at Northen General Hospital working as a nurse in 1970
  12. I don't believe it, i havent been on here for a couple of months and i am still the only one that went to Southey Green Secondery school,i left in 1958
  13. My first love was a girl called Maureen Slater i went to Southey Green School with her we was 15 at the time in our last year of school we left in 1958, i hurt her very badly, so if anyone know's wear she is i would love to talk to her to say that i am very sorry for wat i did to her.she lived on Wordsworth ave. just round the corner from what was then the #10 bus stop, the last time i saw her she was a nurse at Northern General Hospital that was 1970.
  14. I am looking for anyone that went to Southey Green Secondery School,that was in their last year of school,left school 1958
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