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  1. Hi all, I am looking to find out which steak houses you all recommend in Sheffield. I have been to the London Club (which was good), but i am looking for another good steak out there in Sheffield. Please note. I live around the corner from The Brooklyn and i've heard a few poor reviews on their steak (plus they are quite expensive as well), so i am not considering them. Any other suggestions would be welcome! Cheers
  2. Hello all. Im attending the Music in the Garden music 'festival' for the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and i have a bit of a silly question to ask. For any of you that attended last year, can you advise whether we should take with us our own fold up chairs or will there be chairs already there? Its not exactly your Leeds / Reading / Download festival, so i know that people wont be jumping about, i just didnt know whether there would be anu seats provided. Any answers would be appreciated.
  3. His ll. I need to get registered with a doctors in Hillsborough, but wondered if there were any doctors that people would recommend as decent, with a fairly decent booking turnaround (if there is even usch a thing nowadays). Cheers
  4. I would say Goodwin is one of the better squash clubs I have found in Sheffield. It's easy to book (do it online and it is a £1 cheaper at £6 for 40 mins). Courts are in good shape as well.
  5. I'm interested. Always up for some crazy 9 ball action!
  6. Lucy, Did you get any names of instructors from this site? Do you have any other hints or tips, as i am a newbie to the instrument. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Not sure whether you have managed to find anything, however i have just bought my first ever instrument - a Ukulele, and i have been reading ont he Ukuleleunderground forum. Also bought the Ukulele for Dummies book, which has great reviews for beginners. Try searching for Uncle Rods boot camp, which is a site ised for beginners.
  8. Hi all. Just wondering whether anyone will know where I can sell y Palladium wedding ring apart from eBay. I'm thinking of a cash for gold shop, however most websites don't seem to list Palladium as a commodity they would buy. Any thoughts or ideas where I can go to sell it? Thanks
  9. Hi there, I'm interested and your local to me as well. I'm a bit of a slogger, but can field well and bowl a little spin. I also have a housemate who is also looking for a potential team for the coming season.
  10. Hi all. Does anyone know whether there are any comedy clubs on a Monday night in Sheffield? Cheers
  11. Hi all. A small group of us are looking for a decent pub to see out the new year, however we are struggling to find a decent place. We don't want crookes, and I feel that hillsborough will be a fight club waiting to happen? Any recommendations?
  12. Hi all, Looking for a good noodle bar which allows take out. Any recommendations? Thanks
  13. Hi all, I'm a member at a gym, however I am interested in finding a friendly boxing club where I can go and use a punchbag for fitness and stress relief. My gym doesn't have a punch bag, so I'm keen to find a place near the city centre where they would welcome a newbie and allow some light training and a session on the bag. Any ideas fellow forumers? Thanks
  14. I'm interested if places still available? Been a few years and out of shape, but hoping this will help fight the flab. I'll PM you my info.
  15. Thanks to everyone who replied. I've taken some ideas from what's been mentioned. I do enjoy a good forum debate, made me giggle! Thanks everyone!
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