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  1. 1300 Euros all inc. at a modern dentist in Lithuania, speaks English, I've had the screw put in, rest done in 6 months. PM If you'd like details
  2. In the North sea the rotas are 2/2 2/3 if you're lucky now!, 3/3 - some with 2 weeks holidays. BP Core crew do 3/4/3/5 12 hour shifts every day food, drink, and cutlery supplied! The amount of breaks depend on what you do, and also which platform you find yourself on Training offshore is generally very good, but again, depends on your trade and where you are You can do an extra week, but not a 6 week straight run in the North Sea, You'll need MIST training (minimal industry standard) and Offshore survival before stepping on a chopper. There's been drastic cutbacks in the last 18 months. In my opinion, the drilling side rather than the production side is harder work, and more intense
  3. The police managed to close the road for over an hour, well after the chap was transferred to an ambulance
  4. I always fly Manchester to Aberdeen. there are routes Manchester to Edinburgh, but possibly the train to Edinburgh is the best bet. Buy your ticket from York, its a lot cheaper
  5. Corgigasman - Central heating/plumbing Jeff Smith (and his contractors) - Joinery Nathan-gt - Car repairs All highly recommended
  6. I have to agree with the property method. You have enough to buy a flat, rent it out, after 20 years, you could have a reasonable amount, maybe re invest the rent to finance a second property
  7. It works both ways I've flashed a few cameras on the continent, especially in Poland, and not heard anything, although they may be waiting next time I drive there! As for the phones, I have an old circular dial phone at home, and its a pain if you have to select an option when calling businesses.
  8. Charity is big business, and supports the many people who work in this industry, from the people on the street to accountants and company directors. In an affluent country such as this, there shouldn't be any need for it. I give to 'Charity' by paying taxes.
  9. Outside Animals in the house make it smell
  10. Is it worth it these days, I find you have to go further east to get value. ie Poland /Lithuania
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