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  1. How funny: you seem to be suggesting that anyone who ever takes part in a demonstration that has ANY violence in it (e.g. the 100,000 who took part in the anti-cuts demo earlier this year) are extremists. Is that what you're suggesting - anyone who demonstrates about anything is an extremist? Seems a bit of an extreme view to me. If you watched the videos you'll see that the pepper spraying of some rather harmless looking women doesn't seem to constitute people who fancy a 'ruck' with the police. Feel the love brother wildcat! They're trying to make a better future for you too - unless you're happy to see the bankers bailed out for messing up our economy, livelihoods and future!
  2. 15,000 marched in New York earlier: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/oct/05/occupy-wall-street-new-york-march?newsfeed=true These people are right.
  3. London road will always have real character where eccy road has fake tan
  4. My dad used to call my mum 'wife' most of the time, which she just about tolerated.
  5. Viola or whatever they're called from the council deliver them
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