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  1. Any recommendations/price on Christmas dinner eating out? Lots of places have menu's online but only for the run-up to Christmas rather than Christmas day itself.
  2. Does anyone know if there is any sort of service in Sheffield for non-council tenants that would collect the branches and trunk of a tree that's been chopped down in my garden?
  3. Does any one know of any one in sheffield who would hire a horse and carriage for our daughters prom thank you
  4. Does anyone know which buses run up rutland road and where to catch them from near the bottom of it? Thanks
  5. Try CEX in town if you don't mind second hand
  6. is there still a Home Bargains on the Moor?
  7. hiya pal, Im managing a sunday league team at the moment due to recovering from back surgery but would like to start playing again. Where do you train? Cheers
  8. adults pub team, sunday imperial league, Rose House is the team
  9. Goalkeeper wanted for sunday league team based in S6
  10. where is it if you dont mind me asking?
  11. Try ringing parks department but might have to do it tomorrow with it being a bank holiday
  12. Are the black bins been collected today, with it been bank holiday? Or will we have to wait til tomorrow or another two weeks? Thanks
  13. which bus do I get from sheffield city centre to chesterfield road and from which stop? Thanks
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