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  1. there was one on lepplmgs lane around the early seventies
  2. yes they were frank dean was our captain and the lounge was upstairs as you say dave taught me to play bugle wasthere early sixties thro to early seventies was u involved with 49th
  3. green lipped mussel extract joint aid is very good
  4. you never forget a pet by adopting a rescue you are giving a rescue the chance to have the same love and happiness you gave your other pets
  5. it does happen get your dog to the vet better safe than sorry
  6. kids should not be allowed to run around in pubs they are not playgrounds we have it in our local with young children running silly in the games area where we have to keep on eye on them and one eye on the dartboard because parents are not watching their children if one got hit by a dart bouncing out of the board or run into a pool cue the parents would be blaming the players and not the darling offspring or themselves for not having proper control pubs are adult venues in the first instance and whilst i accept they are becoming more family oriented it is not the resonsibility of the staff or other punters to babysit children most of us go there for a break from such tasks
  7. ik both of you are working in this current climate then that is something to be proud of i was caught in the 80,s deppression in sheffield and had to move my family away from sheffield to make sure i could provide cfor them if you are still maintaining a proper family life by doing what you are doing then fair play to you family come first at whotever cost
  8. try st johns def for first aid they may help with moving & handling
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