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  1. i am not sure if the majority of skunk is home grown anyway - a lot of skunk comes from organised cartels. some yes, but weed and "expensive" skunk is on the whole controlled by the same crims that always have been involved lately
  2. i would like to see a few more independent bookshops/record shops and not just DJ centric ones either, or bargain ones. Would also like to see a good toyshop for the wee bairns.
  3. we could put a kagoul in there. oh, you really do have a beautiful body:cool:
  4. 24 hours to go...........get stuffed by the mighty reds!
  5. will it be a full band setup - anyone know???
  6. I come from liverpool, work in chesterfield and although i like sheffield and have lived here for 18 years i think the centre is awful. No character at all. Sheffield is great because of the greenery and access to the moors, but i don't know what is going on in town - ugly concrete/glass disaster! Sort it out - the peace gardens looked alright until they rebuilt in front of the view. Chesterfield has a nicer centre - sorry.
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