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  1. Thanks I have the information you made reference to. On closer investigation my fathers father was John William and his father William is the one quoted above, William being my great grandfather.
  2. Being new to the forum I am unable as yet to send private mail. Anyway I have not yet begun my family tree research (not restarted) I did some work a couple of years ago ut was not prepared to pay ancestry. whatever fees. My father Alan's father was William. Alan had at least two brothers Bill (william) and Eric they grew up in Crookes.
  3. Hi, My name is Derek Vintin one of the three sons of Alan and Dorothy mentioned in a number of replies. I also went to the Hillsborough Boys Club with my father every Friday evening swimming. I did attend St Barnabas school and also Newfields, like Philly I am starting reseearch into the families history. Any names willl be of great use. Derek
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