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  1. ive been there the guy was not botherd. And the stuff is crap in there its very budget stuff. It looks like Argos stuff!! wanted buy from there because the guy got attitude problem. Hes not botherd i think too much money lol
  2. Wat is the best number plate you seen in sheffield?
  3. I heard next door Roomstyle took over it. Wat they trying to do? They bought Hitchens and now shentons. I think they after it all lol
  4. I went passed shentons other day it had another name on it. i heard he shut down. my mum and my family use to buy all they stuff from there for atleast 20 years.
  5. Attercliffe use to be very busy one time it had some great history. Wats left there now?
  6. ders a place in darnall on top of staniforth road try them
  7. Hi hope your mums ok. theres loads of drugies in town
  8. Hi i jus wondering if swags furniture brand new. Becouuse i been told its seconds or ex cat.
  9. I know wer they rent them. Try 07960960840
  10. Go to chandni stages. At attercliffe its bottom of staniforth road. They do all weddings stuff. And entertainments
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