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  1. Try hillboro leisure centre then, he had a club at Southey green community centre, then moved to ponds forge and Hillsboro, since his passing they might have stopped training at ponds forge or may have even closed the club, I heard his wife Rita had taken over the paperwork side of things. If your struggling to find anything out please PM me I know a few people in the industry I could ask around if needed
  2. Hi as far as I’m aware they are still active, although no longer run by the belated Sensi Barry Nash (RIP) as far as I know Sensi Steve Marshall is now running the club from Ponds Forge sports centre. Hope this helps
  3. Thanks guys and gals will have a look
  4. Hi thanks all for looking and as a child I use to buy some butter mints, i am looking for a local stockist in Rotherham if possible for the macintosh butter mints, got to be dixons (I think they were) not the cheap nasty copy someone did. Thanks
  5. Yes thank you for your time and effort, really appreciated
  6. Ok peeps, thanks for reading. I have looked on here and other sites but can't find the answer to my question. My partners work closed because of the snow, all the staff that were there were sent home unpaid!!! Can anyone please tell me is this correct or should they be paid as it was the companies decision to close. Thank you all
  7. Hello thanks for reading my post. Today while at work the business next door started to burn rubbish, I know this is illegal and I have reported them today and previously to the council due to the bad smell...(July/august this year). I left work at 5.30 and yes this time of year it's dark and raining slightly, when applying my windscreen wipers I noticed something stuck to my wind screen which did cause concern. When arriving home I noticed the car was covered in small gritty type dust/plastic which won't wash off you have to scrape it off with your nail, there are loads it will take months to remove all this. I am looking for advise to where I stand legally, I have video footage of the fire but apart from ash which would wash off I had no concerns, It looks like they have been burning plastic which has burnt in to small particles, which has set on mine and also a colleages car. I hope this hasn't caused lasting damage, if this has caused permanent damage??? Will the environmental health help? Burning of rubbish in a work place is illegal. Your comments and help are much appreciated, thank you.
  8. Would it be worth taking it to a jeweller and asking them? ---------- Post added 08-04-2014 at 19:21 ---------- Onyx is more black than green from what I can see ---------- Post added 08-04-2014 at 19:26 ---------- Looking at it I'm not sure it is an ashtray, think if any experts on here need to see a pic or 2, it's heavy and has a soapy feel to it ---------- Post added 08-04-2014 at 19:34 ---------- Think I found it, I think it's malachite
  9. Hi peeps, please can anyone help, I have an old green ashtray, it's at least 40 yrs old it's a marble green in colour, it won't let me add a pic but I can email a pic to help identify what this could be, help is needed, or if anyone know how I can add a pic please let me know thanks, I have been told from a young age that it is jade, although I'm not 100% sure please email me your email addresses and I will send a pic
  10. I go to total rebuild and have for many years, yes a lot of people take steroids but its not pushed in your face, tbh I think which ever gym you go to most people will use something, although its not for me, but guess its people's choice, if you speak to Julie at the counter she is friendly and will give advise what to do, but yes they don't give an induction, which I guess they should, you get stuck or not sure what to do, plenty of friendly people there that don't mind helping, I know this could be a little daunting for someone youn, as for another gym there is work house near to kimberworth, hope this helps
  11. What do people think either on 3 network or a rival network, I think not stinks, a contract should be a contract, I won't be renewing my contract but have 20 months left :-( I have emailed. Three customer services this email.... I have a 24 month contract paying £35 per month. I have had a text saying my bill will be going up because of inflation of £1.23 extra per month. Their for I would like to give 30 days notice to terminate my contact with three mobile, under terms and conditions 10.1 (d) T&C’s Section 4.1 in that three mobile have given me 30 days notice of a variation to my agreement and that I disagree with the variation and as per T&C’s Section 10.1(d) I terminate my agreement with NO early termination fee. I'm guessing they ain't gonna agree to this, if everyone canceled their direct debits, I bet that would create a stir. Its not the amount of increase, it's the principal
  12. Three has announced that it's increasing the cost of its pay-monthly phone and mobile broadband plans for existing customers by 3.6% from 16 July. The company claims that the increase results from rising costs due to inflation. The price increase affects all pay-monthly customers who signed-up to their current deal before 8 March this year. Monthly costs will jump by 3.6%, meaning that a £15 plan will increase by £0.54 a month (£12.96 over a two year contract) and a £41 plan will increase by £1.48 a month (£35.42 over a two year contract). The increase will be applied to the total monthly package price and won’t be applied to any service add-ons. Pay-as-you-go customers will be unaffected. Will these changes affect me? All customers affected by the price increase will receive an SMS, email or letter by 1 June 2012 detailing exactly how much their individual increase will be. The increase will come into effect from the customer’s first bill date on or after 16th July. Customers can also visit Three's website for more information on how the price increase will affect them. A spokesman for the company told Which?: ‘The increase results from rising costs in Three’s business due to inflation. This is the first increase of this kind that the company has put in place for contract handset customers since it launched more than nine years ago.’ Customers won't be able to leave their contract early as Three’s terms and conditions allow it to raise its prices in line with inflation (in this case the Retail Price Index rate published on 17 April 2012). Customers wishing to cancel their contracts are therefore likely to incur cancellation charges. Previous price rises Rival telecom providers Orange and T-Mobile have introduced similar price increases in the last six months. Neither allowed customers to cancel their contracts and regulator Ofcom ruled that they were within their rights to do so.
  13. Concorde Shotokan Karate Club Every Monday and Friday 7.00 - 8.30 Ages 8 to adult from beginner to advanced, everyone welcome. Regular beginners classes, please contact concord sports centre on 0114 2570053 to put your name on the beginners list. Instructor is sensi Dave Bettles, 7th dan We are affiliated to the Japanese Karate Federation, Sport UK and the English Karate Federation. Beginners classes start every 3 months.
  14. Hey how about you pole dance for me :-) lol
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