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  1. anybody want a houseful of clutter .....He's quiet and sits in an armchair all day just needs feeding and batteries changing for tv remote every so often....will even lift feet up so you can hoover the rug free to a patient housewife
  2. It could be your son or daughter or grandchild that loses their lives through a moment of showing off by a drunken fool ...How sad for everyone concerned
  3. I never knew how long the race was ...it was an event we watched with our father many moons ago ...I only found this site by chance yesterday so I really am a novice ..what year did you do the race ???
  4. I can only remember my father taking us to Hillsboro' corner to watch it I have no idea when it was .or where it started and ended
  5. Ic can remember watching the star walk in the 50s so it had been going for a lot of years
  6. Thanks ...Yes he's my uncle ...my father's brother
  7. Hi ...thank you for your reply .and yes they are my cousins ..my father was Albert Jacks brother. Jean
  8. has anyone any information on the Ronksley family?
  9. I think maybe Trevor Ronksley could be a cousin of mine Thats if his father was Jack and his mother Vera ..
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