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  1. Has anyone seen a border terrier in the Hillsborough/Wisewood area? She's old and answers to the name Tess. Please call 0114 2347220
  2. I know its over a month away but does anyone know of any halloween or bonfire events in the S6 area ?
  3. The Wisewood estate management office on Dykes Lane (where the shops are) Wheres has it gone? Did it move somewhere else? It probably went years ago but I've only just noticed!
  4. Found this - http://postcodegazette.com/url/news/is-wisewood-school-about-to-be-demolished%3F-AT-wisewood-school/9000189752/9001209181/
  5. Its says KnowHow contact centre campus or somthing like that.
  6. Is it new? How longs it been open? I thought it had been around a while!
  7. Has anyone found out what happened? The sheffield star website seems to be down and I can't see any other info on this..?
  8. What road in Shiregreen? I'd be interested to see them.
  9. After reading some of the comments I would have to say that there seems to be a big difference between Deepcar and Stocksbridge. Deepcar has more people who have moved from other areas of Sheffield so doesn't seem to have as much of a village feel. We lived right over the far end of Stocksbridge near the bypass and we were definatley made to feel like outsiders, the neighbours really weren't friendly at all.
  10. We lived there for about 18 months but found it was a bit too far our for us. We spent too much money on diesel travelling to work. Its a nice place for walks with the dog etc but I agree that you may feel like an outsider. When it snows you won't be getting out of Stocksbridge for a few days either.
  11. Erm I think its Owler Lane, the main road that goes through.
  12. anyone know whats happened in Fir Vale? Police and ambulance about and road closed off?
  13. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll have to go and have a look around that area, its certainly worth a look.
  14. Does anyone know if the Doncaster racecourse car boot is on tomorrow? Don't want to drive all the way there to find its not on! Thanks.
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