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  1. does any body know who owns the land/car park belongs to on Bradfield road opp jet garage behing shops iceland etc to appeal against parkingeye or who employs parking eye to the land /car park
  2. got my reply back from parking eye stating they are carrying on with procedure to take me to court. walkley dave whats best way to write to popla ? anybody know who is owner /shop that owns the land at bradfield road ,Hillsborough so i can appeal against them ?
  3. well it true i got a letter for court summons at Northampton cc through parkingeye and i did same as you at 1st through them all in bin ,problem now is i have now details through throwing them away. i have appealed to the court and parkingeye and awaiting their response. this is from dec 2012
  4. i filled it in online and now awaiting there response been about 3wks at mo https://www.parkingeye.co.uk/Appeal
  5. ipad1 32gb model any way to speed it up like pc you get crap cleaner etc without deleting programes apps etc it just slow someday days and not others think it might be a wifi issue involved aswell causing it to be slow on the net
  6. i am further down the line than what to do at the beginning mine is now on to a court summons court replied back today to say they will forward my defence letter on to parkingeye to see to proceed or not ---------- Post added 19-09-2013 at 19:10 ---------- still waiting for pm pal
  7. seeing your going through the mill aswel can you pm me more info please dave i have appealed and await replies from parkingeye and the courts as for dates my court letter was dated 30th aug and not recieve it till 11th sept which is bad and not even recorded delivery.so not much time to reply which i did ASAP. ---------- Post added 18-09-2013 at 09:05 ---------- MOOSEY I am new to this and if you have any info to help me in my case can you please pm i got usually stuff wrote down 1 was their any great loss of earnings? at 12.30am - NO -unless car park was full and stopping other users from parking at the time. 2 2hr max stay issured - daughter stayed roughly 30mins over and was not aware of any breach till the court letter came. 3 stated time and date but no make ,model,of car etc if relevant 4 offered to pay for a day pass for loss of parking earnings and offered to pay court fees any more info would be great
  8. strange why would i make it up trying to warn other users not to ignore letters from parkingeye like i was told as now back fired on me.
  9. 18/12/2012 parking dated court papers dated 30th aug 2013 but not arrive till 11th sept 2013
  10. yes sent appeal form to parking eye ie 12.30am no great cost lost as car park nearly empty so im will to pay for a full day parking etc £5 also stated to court im willing to pay court fees plus day,s paying fee £5 if goes to court asked to move court hearing closer to Sheffield now awaiting reply from both
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