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  1. hondababe

    Which race of men are the most attractive?

    the twinkle eyes do it for me....nice smile and perfect own teeth .. not shorter than 5ft 6
  2. i recommend nuba on west street also. i suggest you buy ya hair extention ya self...seek advice first on cost an labour
  3. hondababe

    Wedding Make Up needed

    hi there this lady is a professional.http://www.lmoniquemakeupartist.co.uk. sheffield lass an she is gud
  4. hondababe

    Looking for shop to let

    i have...in s6 area of sheffield. pm if still looking
  5. hondababe

    Naomi Campbell & Cadburys

    it is well out of order. what if they had used that gorilla banging on those drums .....! aswell to top it off
  6. hondababe

    Is it OK to compliment a stranger?

    a smile is always welcome
  7. hondababe

    Mothers Day Big Let Down by Selfish Kids

    mother's are everthing when you are fortunate to have a good one that teaches you to have respect as we grow
  8. hondababe

    Who remembers Penistone Road

    at langsett school .... it would be nice to hear from anyone who remembers miss booth ,mr ward and the headteacher mr ford. his shoulders were as wide as a door way. back in the day my familiy lived in front of presto tools
  9. hondababe

    Cheap wedding venue needed

    try buzz stop its on attercliffe road the owner also has a coach/mini bus busisness that could benefit your guests from the ceromony.the building can accomodate upto 150 ppl. go have a chat with him ! he is very reasonable
  10. hondababe

    Fast Food Tax for all?

    what ever next is the goverment gunna strike up to mek money ! if anything i want my bank charges back.
  11. if they don't hear....they must feel. i would have them chopping rocks in a quarry in all weathers
  12. it would be nice to hear if you attended thi school from 1974-1979
  13. hondababe

    Your views on infidelity?

    the question is this "how many do u have to try and trust b4 u get the right 1.
  14. hondababe

    If I could pass a law, in return I'd like

    i thought ya lived by the river:D anyway thanks
  15. if i could pass the law for spitting in public places the fine would be heavy. it's the most disgusting act ever.no wonder we have allsorts of germs flying about..! IN RETURN I WANT MY BANK CHARGES BACK.THE GOVERMENT ALLOWED THE THIEVES TO GET AWAY WITH IT.2011 looks bleak:rolleyes:

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