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  1. Croft House Youth Club, now there is a 'blast from the past'. I used to go there twice a week late 50's, great place. On the ground floor you had snooker, table tennis, judo, juke box and dancing, and I seem to remember you could get soft drinks and a snack where you paid your subs. Upstairs was the boxing area, I used to help assemble the ring sometimes on stay ed overnight a couple of times, no ghosts. And 'Bosun' and his wife used to run the place. It must have been good, Jeff Price, Trevor Beard and myself walked from Shirecliffe, through Pitsmoor where our friend Carl Drabble lived, and on to the club. Then, we walked home again. I left Sheffield in 1965, so it was good to know that it was still a club in the Eighties.
  2. Hi tinapina, my name is Keith Mills, I left Dormer in 1965. In your post on 21/4/2015, you mentioned Terry and Gina. That wouldn't be Trevor and Gina Beard would it?
  3. Sorry Rob, I lived nearby, but cannot recall them. Will ask bullerBoy & Skippy for you. Keith
  4. Used to know a Desmond Housley, he lived in the cottages off Moonshine Lane. He would be about my age now, 71.
  5. Yes, he lived on Fairbank Road, the house backing on to the Top wood. He was related to us by marriage. I found out about his death from his sister whilst over there this year.
  6. Sadly, when Alf died, even his brother and sister didn't know until the Council informed them. I believe that his younger brother arranged the funeral.
  7. I would have loved to have seen the Tour go past my old bus stop on the corner of Shirecliffe Road & Longley Avenue West. I actually drove almost the whole route for stage one the day before the actual race, awesome scenery, street decorations and cyclists all over the place testing the course (including some T de F teams). I saw the first stage at Masham, the start of stage 2 at York and managed to get to Grenoside for another look. What a fantastic time I had, thousands of happy people everywhere with great comments and praise. Let's ignore the tiny minority of knockers and remember this weekend for what it was, an unforgettable event that we were lucky to have on our doorstep. Congratulations to all the organisers, councils, emergency services, the riders and all the spectators that made it possible. I can go back to Australia next month and cross another item off my Bucket List.
  8. The road will only be closed to motor traffic, anyone needing A&E could put a number on their bike and just ride in couldn't they?
  9. Agree with you guys totally. I'm sure that you would have a better idea than me re best finishing location as I am only an occasional visitor to Sheffield these day, even though I spent my first 22 years there. It would indeed be easier to hold it as planned, I would just like Sheffield to be able to maximise the financial and tourism benefits. And, above all, it will be a great day and I hope that everyone gets behind the Race. I am coming from Australia for a holiday, but my timing is based around the first 2 Stages, as indeed will many thousands of T de F enthusiasts so I hope to see a lot of Yorkshire smiles. Always wanted to see the start of the Tour and now I can cross it off my 'Bucket List'! See you there, Millsie
  10. The number of buses, back-up cars, media will be massive, not to mention the spectators. However, with careful planning, you can virtually hold a stage finish anywhere. Take a look at the many DVD's of the stage finishes in France, these small towns cope quite well. Sheffield has many car-parks and a good public transport system, good organization and planning will solve all the access problems. Millsie
  11. Hey Downsunder, watch out for a bloke with a shaved head on the west coast of Scotland. We are on a Trafalgar tour around the highlands from 18th - 25th June. Will pm you re known itinerary, still some blanks yet. Don't worry about Skippy in Tassie, he 'll do as his wife tells him, but he will be a new man (probably start writing poetry) when he sees the place. Have you tried booking.com yet, some good deals around the place. The dollar is falling against the pound so get some while you can. I think the pound is rising because someone started a rumour that bullerboY was coming to live in Australia. It would be good to meet up with bullerboY too whilst there. Enjoy the trip preparation, which is half the fun. Millsie ---------- Post added 25-02-2014 at 13:12 ---------- Nice one Skippy, you will love Tassie, so friendly. Good food too. If we have any spare cash left next Feb, we'll be off there too I hope. Take it easy, relax and enjoy. Don't want you back in hospital. At least you will see Sheffield Tasmania. Downsunder leaves the door unlocked down there, just walk in and make yourself at home. He has a sign inside that says 'eat all, sup all, pay nowt', and he'll be in the UK! Take care Millsie
  12. Hi Downsunder, great to hear you will be making a trip back to Sheffield, how long since you were there? Hope that the weather is reasonable for the Tour de France. BullerboY is so excited, he is getting his old Raleigh polished up. he will be quite a sight in lycra! Wife and I will be leaving here on the 15th June, but go straight on a tour of Scotland for 8 days before hitting Sheffield. The Hilton is right on Victoria Quays, you can walk anywhere around town from there, and it's a great spot. We paid just under 70 pounds a night there, very reasonable. In fact, if you go on booking.com, you can get some great deals if your timing is right. We've stayed at the Kenwood and the Leopold before, having got great prices. Never dreamed of staying there when we were kids! Could afford to stay at home in Shirecliffe then. Looking forward to catching up with some old school friends while I there, and bullerboY if he is still alive, be nice to meet up with you for a drink if we can time it right. I think that you are like me, fond memories of Sheffield, great going back there to see the family and visit places in and around the city. However, Gosford here in NSW is the place for me, we have actually lived in this house for over 40 years now. Besides, Sheffield Twist Drill would take me on anymore. Don't know why though, I reckon Jack Parker, the chief engineer back in 1965 was 70 (my age) when I was an apprentice there. Take care downsunder, hope to catch you again sometime. Millsie
  13. Thank your lucky stars that bullerboY let go of it or we might have him to contend with out here! Had about 50mm up here over the last week or so. My next door neighbour, originally from Luton (I know, but you have to appear friendly), has had his sister over here for the last couple of days. Knowing that we have had practically a drought for the last 6 months, thought she would get away from the UK rain. Not stopped since she came here. Great to hear that you are a great great grand-dad Skippy, you are certainly old enough! Be a lot more work for you, but it will keep you young. Talking of which, great to have you back on your feet again, changed your mind about coming back to Sheffield with us in June? It's a great place to visit. I will be spending at least 3 weeks, on and off, in Sheffield. I even got a great deal at the Sheffield Hilton for 4 nights, didn't tell them about bullerboY though, might not have let me in. Take care, millsie.
  14. Well I'm coming back to Sheffield in June and July for a while bullerboY, and I reckon you owe me a pint!. Let me know if you will be around then, don't want to miss you this time around. Will you be standing at my bus stop cnr Longley Ave / Shirecliffe Rd watching the T de F? If Skippy is feeling better, I will contact him before I come over, he will probably want to send you a present (If it will be allowed through customs)!
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