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  1. Cuttting my overgrown lawn the other day and halfway down stepped onto some "hidden" dog crap. Stepping back in revulsion I stepped into an even bigger pile. Disgusting, I don't know why folk have dogs to be honest.
  2. Remember John Shepherd well. We were in the 173rd Scout Group at the same time. 1950's, 60's and 70's.
  3. Number 10 were my Grandma and Grandad Shepherd. Mum's parents. Stayed there most weekends in the 60's! Wonder what they would think of their 71 year old Grandson living in Brittany?
  4. I can remember the smogs very well. Thick yellow stuff. In fact still got stinging eyes from the pollution walking in to work at Blackburn Meadows power station in the 1970's!!!!
  5. Is it possible to get this channel on Sky by putting in the appropriate frequency etc? If so what are the required numbers?
  6. If this is aimed at me I am not active on this forum, I just dip in occasionally to see what my family are saying. I was born and bred in Sheffield so it will always mean a lot to me. Nothing wrong with my friends over here in Brittany in fact we are off to the bar at 20.00 to see some of them. Not English either!!!
  7. Left Sheffield 36 years ago and never missed it. In those days the City centre road system was getting worse and worse. Each "improvement" just moving the snarled up traffic further along. Nowadays I wouldn't drive into the centre if you paid me! I visit this site to keep in touch with what is happening because I'm the only one of my family to leave the place. Last time I drove through Sheffield was to visit my dying sister in the Royal Hallamshire Hospital 6 years ago. I was driving a French registered car so it was fairly obvious to even a moron that I was a stranger in town. I was a couple of milliseconds late at some lights in the confusing road system near to Bramall Lane and had several drivers blasting their car horns at me. Never been back as a driver and only visited relatives once since and they live in Handsworth easy for leaving on the M1!!!
  8. I worked at Orgreave coke ovens as a chemist around 1975. It was the pits! Surrounded by carcinogens, laboratories on fire from all the flammable fumes etc. One evening even the water lagoon caught fire! Chap came to test our water outfall into the river and burnt his hands with the chemicals in it. Later when I worked at Blackburn Meadows Power Station I remember walking in smog and my eyes burning with the acidity of it.
  9. Please note I'm out in Brittany and had a few too many red wines to be sober. So, just now my wife saw a plastic headed drawing pin in the newly tiled ceiling and I don't know why, but it took me back to my school days. I was at the City Grammar School from 1958 to 1963 and often wandered around the city centre at lunch time. For a few weeks I seem to remember a competition that involved looking for coloured drawing pin heads in shop windows. Can't remember what it was in aid of or even if it really happened and it's not the "curse of the red wine". Anyone else remember it? Ray
  10. Albert Price dead! Good lord that's a shock! We were best mates up until we were sent different ways when our slums in Hodgson Street were knocked down. Last time I saw him he was a paviour and was working on the road that runs from Pond Street bus station to Fitzalan Square. Hope these places still exist! I left Sheffield in 1976 and I'm typing this in Finistere in France.
  11. No Pat I was/am Ray Wild. Unfortunately, after all these years, I only remember one or two folk but not you. Remember, Linda Hall (lived at number 6 in our courtyard), Ray Price, Lois Lambert. Will try to dredge others up from my memory! Ray
  12. I lived in Hodgson street from 1947 to 1958. We lived at 4Court 1 House Hodgson Street. Grandma Wild and Auntie Evelyn lived at number 12. It was just through the entry to Hodgson Street opposite St. Silas school. Mr Fovague was a teacher when I was there and Mr Hill was the headmaster. I had just become captain of the boy's rounders team when we were relocated to Tithe Barn Avenue in Woodhouse. It was a two storey building with bomb damaged land behind it. I never knew that the school itself was damaged during the blitz but a kerb edge from Button Lane fell through Grandma's roof and through her bed and into the cellar. Luckily she was in a Morrison shelter at the time. There were 3 of us at the school:- my sister Ann Wild(born 1943) now sadly dead, my elder brother Alan (born 1945) and myself Raymond (born 1947).
  13. Having seen the Tour a few times now in France, in my opinion it is better to watch it on TV! Road disruption, crowds of folk and the race itself is past in about a minute. We had French students staying with us for about 10 years, in England to improve their English and non were interested in the Tour.
  14. Just had family staying with us in Brittany. They live in Handsworth. They've gone home bronzed and no threat of rain at all, so they are happy! To return to this thread I'm the only one of my family to leave Sheffield and never regretted it. Similarly my brothers and sister never regretted staying there. By the way it was lovely to hear my brother's Sheffield accent! Unfortunately, mine has virtually gone after 38 years away. Even jennals were mentioned!!! BE
  15. I worked at 15 for about 6 years as a chemist. Watched the cooling towers being blown up/down on TV in Brittany!!!
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