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  1. Hi there could anyone help me please and tell me where i can have my i phone 5 unlocked to all networks please, many thanks
  2. Hello there does anybody know where i could buy a cheap 50cc scooter, i only need it to get me to work and back,i want to know where the best place i could buy one from and be trustworthy and in excellent condition,many thanks
  3. Hello there could anyone tell me what the best site for a council house exchang would be im already on homeswapper, im wanting to move out of my 3 bedroom house to out of Sheffield really, im wanting a fresh start, im just wanting abit of advice on the best way of doing this many thanks, PLEASE NO TIMEWASTERS
  4. they wasn't just on the bridge,they was all over meadowhall inside too and at other entrances.......
  5. ok wise guy just wondered if there had been a bomb threat (hoax) or sniffing for drugs.....
  6. whats with all the police in meadowhall, making 1 person at a time walk past sniffer dogs on bridge to bus station ?????
  7. theres no warehouses at foxhill..some dodgy geezers though ! maybe it was someones house full of knocked off gear or something :suspect:
  8. lost harris hawk with bells on leg , lost yesterday around the wardsend cemetery(round back of owlerton dog track) please message me with any sightings thanks....
  9. r yeovil as good as stevenage ????? oh and whats a matter with sheffield football for this thread ??????
  10. used to be a really nice chippy in late 80's early nineties, worst chippy in yorkshire now , wouldn't bother with new 1 if its same owners.......
  11. what they need to do now is put some big posters outside bars and clubs telling all the drunken idiots they could throw their lives away with 1 stupid punch,, or they could just ban alcohol seen as it kills more people than anything else,, including all the illegal drugs put together......
  12. my mum is christine , i think i can remember gibsons,,, helen ??
  13. i spent the first 5 years of my life on that block, susan is my aunty, my grandma(kath) lives in rochdale now with my uncle ian, my grandad jack passed away a couple of years ago...i can remember fallin off old bin shelter roof and sprainin my neck...skatin on the ice...
  14. raymond and tony are my uncles,,dave and wendy uncle and aunty, and neil is my dad, he just moved back to foxhill, lived in lanzarote for last 10 years...my name is tony deakin, do you know my mum christine deakin(goffin)...wraggs, wades, crockers, cant think of anymore at moment, u used to work with my grandad fred, wots ur name.....
  15. anyone remember Deakins or Goffins ,, lived on foxhill all thru 60"s,70"s,80"s,90"s,00"s..........
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