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  1. A recent survey showed that only 10% of empty printer cartridges are being recycled. This obviously means that 90% of the empty printer cartridges in the UK are going into the waste bin and then dumped in our land fill sites. Not only is this bad news for the environment but it is a massive waste of money. How much hard cash has been thrown in the bin? What a difference this cash could have made to Charities or schools had we recycled them. Cartridge Express Recycling Ltd is operating a cartridge recycling program to raise funds for charity. Empty printer cartridges can rise from 25p up to £6 each. Basically we want you to send us your empty printer cartridges. It will not cost a penny to send in as we can provide free post bags for your small inkjet cartridges and we will arrange a courier collection of large toners. Not all cartridges can be recycled so we ask that you do not send in empty Epson or Canon ink-tanks. Many HP & Lexmark inkjet cartridges are worth around £2 each And HP Q1338A Toner Cartridges are worth around £5 each. Just think how much extra help this money would provide to already under funded charities. For full details and free post requests call Lee on 0113 2428935 or email cash4carts@cartridgeexpress.net. For charities wanting to benefit from cartridge recycling call Michael on 0113 242 8935 or email empties@cartridgeexpress.net.and he will provide you with all the information you need to start recycling today. You can also find full details online at www.lampuki.com/Printer_cartridge_recycling
  2. Hi all! I hope this question does't offend anyone because it's not intended that way! But as i am now a single man who has not lived in Sheffield that long, I was hoping somone could tell me where the best places in town are to pull??? Preferably women that are not too rough but easy going?? All ya help appreciated!
  3. I can roccommend Hayfield lakes in Doncaster for a good days fishing. Mainly carp but a good fun! It's where the big sky sports fishing match (fishamania) was held. Tickets are £5, barbless hooks only but well worth fishing!!
  4. setting up the line etc is just like setting up a normal float rod except yo have a length of line wich is maybe 2 or 3 pole sections long. Attach the line to the allastic and set it up as you would a float rod, with the appropiate depth, float and hook for the waters you fish. Thanks for the help with the local lakes and ponds i will look into them
  5. Thanks everyone for all your intrest but we are looking for singles to move in. Still have rooms left!
  6. I have 5 rooms to rent in Meersbrook, lots of extras all bills included - rent from £45 to £55 per week. All decent size rooms - for more info call Paul on 0114 2491073 anytime!
  7. What are you having trouble in setting up on your pole? They are quite simple to set up. Basicaly you need the correct strengh elastic for the type of fishing your doing. 1 to 10 i think they go to and 10 being for big fish! The alastic is the threaded through your top 2 pole sections using a plastic bung at the bottom which inserts inside the pole and a plastic ring at the top to which you connect your float rig. any tackle shop should be able to advise you on which alastic to use. They should also stock the nessesery bits and bats to set it up. Most tackle shops also sell ready made rigs which will make life a little easier until you get used to pole fishing. i hope this helps? Maybe you can help me? I have just moved to sheffield and i'm looking for someone to direct me to any local lakes, ponds, rivers etc which are good fishing? I don't know Sheffield that well and live in the Meersbrook area. Anywhere not to far will be ideal! As long as theres fish
  8. You should have checked here too before signing on the dotted line, but never mind. i hope you settle in Ok! And that drink sounds good. Your the only Professional i know in Sheffield Well you've got my number!! Give us a ring and we will arrange that drink! Take Care Paul
  9. I hope your new house is nice and you have agreat stay in Sheffield. It's a friendly place and a fun city. All the best Paul
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