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  1. Early in his career i do not think Steve Bruce stayed anywhere long enough to be sacked.
  2. Just heard Ferguson being interviewed. He just said Torres chose to go down. Can someone explain how you are supposed to stay upright when being wildly lunged at , and tripped by a defender. I also noticed he made no mention of Ashley Young chosing to go down under minimal contact.
  3. Good afternoon. I own a boyu 86 litre tank. It is a planted aquarium. Currently stocked with fish ranging in size from sword tails to yellow barbs. Could anyone tell me the maximum number of fish the tank could safely hold. Thanks
  4. I am currently looking at buying a 3D televsion. I own a PS3 and am mostly interested in gaming. The advice i have received so for is that i am better opting for a passive 3D system than an active 3D, due to cost and all round comfort. i have tried both alternatives in stores, but only for short periods of time. Is there only LG and toshiba who make passive 3D. Any advice and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Success. Checked today nitrates down to 0. Water change, then The fish can enjoy their new home.
  6. Think i am almost there. The ammonia readings have been drooping to one from 3 daily. My nitrite level is around 3.3 and nitrate around 110. Do I keeping top up the ammonia levels and wait for the nitrite level to fall, or is it now complete, and ready for the waterchange.
  7. I noticed the new mellow Warnock siding with the ref.
  8. Man utd never tried to buy success with the purchases of Ferdinand, Rooney, Stam, Vidic, Hernandez, Berbatov, veron etc etc. and to call Ferguson honest beggars belief. Every team buys success, its just Man utd have the press fawning all ove them.
  9. Just seen match for first time. Feel sorry for Bosingwa. How can anyone fouling SWP be denying a goal scoring opportunity.
  10. Shame Silva and Dzeko both missed sitters. Eight one has a nice ring to it. ABU and proud
  11. The end of a classic series. With the ending of this and waking the dead, i think the BBC have given up on quality drama.
  12. Has anybody bought this games. I have already lost one day to it. Has anybody got any recommended free transfers.
  13. Good to very good footballer at best. Never produced in big games or for England. Just because he is English the pundits think he is wonderful. I honestly cannot think of the last good game he played for England. To think some put him on a par with Messi and Ronaldo. He is lightyears behind. Another product of the overhyped premiership.
  14. Ha ha ha. Excellent result. Did the world class Rooney play today.
  15. All them are painful to listen to to be fair. I find match of the day unbearable. The smugfest of Lineker, Hanson lawrenson and shearer. I would cut match of the day to 45 minutes, have a single presenter behind a desk and show the highlights only. Think how much money the BBC would save by cutting all those wages. If pushed the best is Lee dixon Worst Jamie Redknapp, followed by Jamie Redknapp, and finally Jamie Redknapp.
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