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  1. that's not the website, the website is here http://www.fuelandtwist.co.uk/ It's a new start up so they are probably testing the waters with opening times. I doubt opening every evening is worth it for the number of people they get through the doors
  2. There are various problems with Affinity. One of the main problems is effective advertising - essentially you're going to be building the place up from new again as it has got such a bad rep (especially amongst the young/students) in Sheffield. I've never seen any advertising from Affinity besides some flyers at Pride 2013. Do some decent facebook marketing too, the current profile is badly laid out. Also start making 'events' for things as more people see those because they give you a notification. Aside from that: - Drop the door charge for upstairs, it's not a club and never will be. - The gents toilets upstairs stink and need a deep clean - if you're going to have a pool table get it fixed as the current one that's in there is probably the worse I've ever seen in a bar. - Get rid of those curtains on the windows upstairs, the place is dingy enough as it is and they make it look closed during the day. - Sort the soundsystem out upstairs, there's too much treble/not enough bass and it sounds awful - Open the club downstairs! I've never seen it open when I've visited on friday nights except for a private party which seemed to attract questionable clientele with a penchant for the odd spliff... - Having that old drag queen on Saturday nights is a risky strategy as you risk putting the younger customers off Hopefully you'll nail it as you've actually got a better building than Dempseys which could be marketed as a gay '2 roomed lounge bar and club' given a bit of TLC! Good luck!
  3. What a load of complete utter rubbish
  4. Bloo 88 on Wednesdays, Revolucion De Cuba on Thursdays and Cubana Friday/Saturday daytime/early evening
  5. I think it would be a terrible idea. Having cars and buses travelling down West St makes it feel safer when walking down there, both late at night and in the day. If it were to be pedestrianised, the upper reaches of West St/Glossop Road would feel quiet and dead like the Moor does at night. Also having taxis driving up and down constantly is very convenient for getting home on a night out. The majority of cars, buses and trams drive very slowly along there at night so the risk of being hit is minimal - if stupid people get hit, it's their own problem.
  6. You'd be welcome at any of the stuff put on by the Sheffield University LGBT Society. They do weekly drinks on tuesday's at the Lions Lair Bar in Sheffield, which is a relaxed atmosphere where people can chat, not clubby. See http://sheffieldunilgbt.weebly.com/socials.html
  7. One of my friends used to work there, and it has indeed closed. It has been going downhill for a while though and was badly in need of a refurb to compete with the Hallamshire House
  8. Hi, I'm hosting a cocktail party and I really need Creme De Banane. Only problem is I've yet to find anywhere that stocks it in Sheffield - have tried the big supermarkets and also the Dram Shop. Anyone know of where I can get hold of this? I'd like to avoid ordering it online if at all possible. Thanks, Oscar.
  9. It shut for a week due to a change of management (they had to get a new license). It's open again now, the student LGBT tuesday nights are back there and I think it still opens until 6am Friday and Saturdays.
  10. Heavygate Rd is in Crookes/Walkley is it not? I wasn't aware about the graffiti dating back years, I've only just moved to Crookes. And I'm not trying to predict some sort of gang war? The aim of this thread was to find out if anyone else on SF has had similar experiences in the area recently, and if anyone has seen any suspicious activity.
  11. One of my friends was violently mugged near the top of Heavygate Road (Northfield Rd end) and I've heard of 4 other muggings in the area in the past 2 weeks. I've also seen a car broken into on Heavygate Rd, with broken glass everywhere. There has also been a massive increase in graffiti with 'S6' (which I can only assume is a gang?) being scrawled on bus stops near the S10/S6 border and also on the outside of several houses. Is Crookes turning into a ghetto/an area of gang attacks?
  12. Avoid the side roads in Crookes/Walkley/Steel Bank area. All the side roads off South Road are more or less impassable (to anything but a 4x4) and I nearly got stuck on Aldred Road.
  13. Hi, I need a bookcase for my student house and am interested in buying from a second hand store, although I only know of the one in Crookesmoor. A charity store would be fantastic. Anywhere in sheffield is fine, but they must be able to deliver. Hope you can help
  14. Replica/Republica have some ibiza themed thing going on. I think Paris is doing something special too.
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