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  1. Rosalind Watchorn Solicitors 0114 2290160
  2. I once made a “wedding cake” for Rick Allen and put a pair of gold drums sticks on for decor. I also sat next to joe Elliott’s mum and dad when they played don valley stadium. It was fab, but my lasting memory of it, was Joe’s mum saying how proud she was of Joe but she wished he would “get his hair cut” ! 😂😂😂😂 that must be going on for 27 years ago as I’m sure I was pregnant with my eldest and he’s 27 in October 🙈 .
  3. Not wanting to be ageist - but....... Be careful if you do have your own deeds to your property and it is not registered with the Land Registry as your deeds ARE THE ONLY EVIDENCE that you own the property. This would usually apply to a person/s who have perhaps lived in their home for a number of years, say prior to the early 1970’s. Only a change in the circumstances for the property ownership would then “trigger” a first registration. Owners can choose to register their properties for which the Land Registry offers a 25% reduction in the registration fee. For people with elderly parents, please encourage them to get their property registered. For all nosey people out there (like me ?) take a look at the Land Registry maps (its free), it makes interesting viewing seeing which properties are registered and which are not. If your property is not registered and you do have the deed, I highly recommend that you put them in safe storage somewhere other than your home - or somewhere under the floorboards as one client once told me!
  4. When you say change of name, do you mean change of name or change of the person. If it's a name change you can do that yourself with the land registry and evidence of the change of name. No fee required. A solicitor of course will charge you to do this and I would guess about £150.00 + vat. If it's a change of person then you would need to contact your mortgage provider and I imagine you will need to apply for a new mortgage in both your name and the name of the new person. This of course will cost, with solicitors fees to carry out the legal side of the change.
  5. Free Will month (Nov) in aid of Sheffield Hospitals Charity. Rosalind Watchorn Solicitors and Bell & Buxton are participating. If they have appointments left they will draft you a basic will in the hope that you will make a donation to the charity. Of course they would also like you to leave a gift in your will but neither are conditional to you getting the free Will. Trust provisions within the will/s will cost but they will advise you of any cost before proceeding. ??
  6. Could it have been a man called David. An associate of APS Legal?
  7. I remember "Dusty". If I remember right he left for a while but came back whilst I worked there. Goodison was a common name, Nichols as well. They stopped doing the kids parties but for a while carried on with Christmas presents for employee kids as well as Christmas cakes and hampers for ex-employees. The snooker table held some years of muck as well!
  8. I worked at Dysons for a few years, started in the canteen with Sylvia and Val, then went into the offices. Worked with Gordon, Selwyn, Rowland (Helliwell), Frank Richardson, Peter, Sam (Darryl Sampson), and all their relatives! Works manager was Milton Revitt. Mags, Alice and Jill in the office. So sorry to hear of the death of Coddy, he was a good man. We must have got turkeys from you? AMB60
  9. Try Rosalind Watchorn Solicitors in Netheredge. ---------- Post added 30-08-2015 at 22:30 ---------- You don't have to wait for free Wills month, a lot of charities offer a free Will (in the hopes you will remember them in your Will), as with free Will month, you do have to be over 55 to qualify.
  10. Hi can highly recommend Shaw plastering Services Ltd 07776300691. We had our extension covered in monocouche and are very pleased with it. They were not the cheapest quote we had but very professional, came as and when they said. Did the job and left us pretty clean after (apart from the splashes of plaster but that's to be expected- it cleaned up). Love the finished effect.
  11. Well Done. Come on forummers let's double it. It could pay for a trip out for Winnie and her carers!
  12. I thought the Forumers would be more generous than what they have been. I understand that a lot of you will be arranging your own card/gift. Well done to Stacey for organising it - I have contributed. If it gets Winnie something special I will be happy, if she choses to donate it to charity in honour of her birthday I will be happy or even if she treats her Carers at Serenta Homecare for organising her special birthday celebrations, I will be happy. A card will be sent from everyone I work with too!
  13. Hi, try Sarah Burt at Rosalind Watchorn Solicitors at Netheredge. Tel:2290160
  14. Sorry, this is wrong advice. Only if a jointly held property passes by survivorship to a surviving spouse/civil partner is there no IHT. If a property is held jointly by persons who are not married/in a civil partnership it does pass by survivorship but the value (or a portion thereof) is taken into consideration for IHT purposes for the deceased's estate.
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